Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Ok so the nerves are still there but I wont let them overtake me. If I start to seriously doubt myself now and send myself the wrong messages then I’m setting myself up for failure. I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!! I have invested too much time, sacrifice, sweat, pain, emotion, determination and money to throw it all away now because “I might not succeed”.

So this morning I hit my exercise room for my 5 exercise leg super-sets. Man do they hurt and in some of the exercises I even had to steal a short break between reps as my legs were SOOOOO sore (and tired). Funnily enough I don’t get DOMS and I don’t get that “shaky I’m-going-to-fall-over-feeling” either. Yet many times I’m close to collapsing by the end of each set so I must be working hard enough.

Over the last couple of days I have been doing double cardio and this I’m sure contributes to my leg tiredness. I’m aiming for 1 sprint session (running or on the bike) and 1 steady state. Neither session is very long (especially the sprints!!) so its all manageable. My weight is coming down slowly and steadily which is great. My size 10 pants are all loose now and soon I’ll be shopping for some new ones (cheapies) to see me through the next few weeks.

So my prep is chugging along well. I enjoy getting to the end of a day and putting a big black tick on my progress chart to signify another day where I’ve stayed on track and moved 1 step closer to being in the best shape of my life for September 22nd. I’m not entertaining thoughts of foods I want to eat or lazy mornings where I skip my cardio or weights. I have my eye on that stage and I’m going for it.

Cheers all



Anonymous said...

Good to hear Magda! Stay focused and you will kick ass!!

Kristy said...

Magda we all know that you can do it and it is great to see that you have your focus back. Keep up the great work.


Maraina said...

Excellent post! I love it. You are doing fab! Well done.


LizN said...

Of course you will be fine. Self doubt to the curb please!

Ali said...

YOU GO GIRL!!Thats the attitude!! great to read, enjoy the rest of your week ;)


Nic said...

Hey Magda,
Great attitude! you'll do fantastic! keep it going. Nic