Friday, June 29, 2007


On the eve of me starting my 12 weeks of prep I can honestly say I’m excited, nervous, quietly determined and focussed on my ultimate goal. The last 9 days have been good but not perfect. I’ve splurged today but I know tomorrow I’ll be right back on track and just doing what I have to do.

This morning I hadn’t quite reached my goal of being sub 60 but I’m ok with that. After all its just a number and I know that I ate well and trained hard (except today…naughty me!!) and I cant do anything about the number on the scales fluctuating up and down coz its got a mind all of its own.

Tonight my WH is having a night out with the boys which he SO deserves and I’m taxiing them out so they can drink to their hearts’ content and then they’ll taxi home. I was going to do my leg training tonight and get a day ahead of myself but instead I’ve invited my SIL over to spend the evening with me. She has no heating in her house and I couldn’t imagine anything worse than sitting at home alone on a Friday night with no heating in this cold weather. Sometimes family has to take precedence over comp prep and I know we’ll have a nice night as I’m going to enjoy some pizza and a wine or two. What a treat!!

Fingers crossed that I have luck getting my progress pics and stats up on my blog tomorrow or Sunday. Day One is now just 1 sleep away. Insert tune of Pointer Sister song and sing along..”I’m so excited and I just cant fight it” and whatever the rest is LOL.

Geez I’m a goose. Cheers all.



Kaddy said...

WOOHOO new challenge!! BRING IT ON! go magda go magda ...go go go magda :)

Sue Heintze said...

Magda, are you doing the WFF on the 22nd in Adelaide by any chance?


Alicia said...

Ah the numbers game - totally does my head in! I ate super clean for a whole week and the scales went UP by a whole kilo! What the? So the scales have been hidden for the duration of comp prep and will only come out the morning of comp.

12 weeks to go - let's smash it! xo

Pip said...

Hey Magda!

Just checked out your blog, (seeing you train with Kristy regularly and I'm following her blog, - he he!)

TOP luck with the comp prep!

I see you were 1.71m and 72.6kg last year before getting 'into' training. That is pretty much exactly what I am now and I've just posted some pics on my blog to illustrate that today. I've lost about 10kg over the last couple of months to reach this point but really am aiming to reach some new fitness targets and shed another 10kg of fat and get body fat down to 20%! I'm starting to feel happier with my 'leaning down' shape but stomach is still quite 'blubby'!

Will check your progress!

Ali said...

How exciting for you Magda!!!

12 weeks will fly, I hope you had a great weekend and are right into your 12 week prep,

take care and look forward to an update,