Thursday, June 28, 2007


I started training with Josh Dickinson from Physique Essentials in December last year with a goal of competing in September/October this year. I was 72.6kgs (I’m 171cms) with really heavy thighs and basically a generous layer of fat all over my body.

I will post my progress pics this weekend as I’m having a full set done at 12 weeks from comp.

Right from that start I could tell that Josh would treat me like an individual and give me a plan that would work in my busy lifestyle. He’s really delivered on this.

My training consists of: 4 x weight training sessions of around 1 hour each. I do cardio every day BUT I do short intense sessions and trust me THEY WORK. I cant believe how much my thighs have slimmed down. About half of my cardio is sprints of some form but when I get tired towards the end of the week I’ll do a moderate intensity session like a steady state jog/run or ride my exercise bike. That’s it for training.

My nutrition plan has been fantastic. I expect it to change over the next 12 weeks but I have lost over 10kgs eating this way (and I’ve had a LOT of cheat meals – not all authorised I admit but I had time on my side).

Meal 1: 1 scoop WPI (I then do my cardio early morning)

Meal 2: 1/3 cup oats, 1T bran (if you need extra help – I’m sure you know what I mean), 2t LSA (this is your “good fats” – better to eat it than take tablets), 1T lite soy milk (my preference but regular skim milk is ok), green tea with lemon.

Meal 3: 1 rice cake + 50g low fat creamed cottage cheese (I started out with 2 rice cakes and 80g of LFC cottage cheese)

Meal 3: 80g protein (fish/chicken/steak – whatever is LEAN) + moderate serve of veges (unrestricted at this stage) I usually add 1t of flaxseed oil as well. When I started out the protein serve was 100g but the cut back to 80g was hardly noticeable.

Meal 4: Nestle Diet Lite yogurt

Meal 5: same as meal 3

Weight training 2-3 nights a week (the 4th session is done at a different time of day)

Meal 6: If I’ve done weight training then I have 1 scoop WPI + 1 piece of fruit. If it wasn’t a weight training night then I’ll have another diet yogurt before I go to bed.

Supplements: Right from the start I’ve been loathe to fork out big bucks for heaps of supps. Up to now I’ve used next to nothing. I chose to take Lipo6 (fat burner) but I’m not sold on its benefits. I know others will disagree. Josh hasn’t insisted that I be taking any supps other than the WPI. This may also change but its been great so far.

So that’s my training and nutrition plan. Its taken me several months to lose my 10+ kgs but I’ve had a ball along the way. I’ve been on 3 holidays and gained weight that I had to lose again and I’ve had my fair share of cheat meals, many of which Josh didn’t agree with .... hehehehe

Stacy this is my first comp prep so I don’t know EAXCTLY what will change over the next 12 weeks but one thing I do know is that Josh will not tell me to do anything that I just cant do. After all he promised that I’d have a life and still be in condition to get up on stage. And that’s good enough for me.

Good luck hun

XX Magda

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stacytoby said...

You're a legend Magda, thanks for going to the effort to post that. Thats a clean diet you're on, but its also DOABLE, which is more than I can say for my suggested diet! I have emailed Josh and he is disgusted with the diet that was reccommended to me. I am not certain if I will still compete this year, but watch out next year - I will be your biggest threat! ;)