Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Firstly again thanks to all the lovely and supportive comments left on my "A Morning in the Life of" post. Yes my schedule is busy and at times I feel like its all a bit too much but I know deep down its even worse to be lolling around cruising through life with no real goals or aspirations. So I soldier on taking the good with the bad .... like everyone else.

Yes today was difficult...physically and mentally and it took a lot of determination to stay on track, eat right and not fall too much into the "woe is me" syndrome. I'm proud to say that apart from one dummy spit at work, I came through it ok. It helped to be teaching tonight as its always great therapy for turning negative energy into positive. I came out of the gym after my 2 classes feeling like I was on a bit of a "mini high".

Tomorrow will be a better day. I will feel better both physically and mentally and it will all be good (NOTE: the power of positive self-talk!!). I will do my "3 Things" post tomorrow as its late and I have running gear to lay out for the morning, a Diet yogurt to eat, teeth to brush and a warm toasty bed waiting.

Cheers all


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