Monday, June 25, 2007


Last week I'm in the depths of despair, struggling with motivation, not wanting to eat clean, doubting myself big time and just getting fed up with this whole thing. And now WHAMMO. 180 degree about face. Motivation = 10/10. Eating all good. Self doubt: whats that?? I know what I have to do and I'm just doing it...oh and I'm even enjoying it. Oh to have things go this well all the time.....dream on Magda!!

I had a very pleasant meeting with my scales this morning. I achieved the mini goal Josh set for me last weekend. 2 days later than intended but hey I made it and I'm now very close to the big (or rather little!!) 60kgs. Gotta be happy with that!!

Training has been going well although my legs are (understandably) tired. At every weights session I make some improvement and I'm happy with that too. Sometimes I dont make the reps that Josh has told me to shoot for but I'll usually make it up elsewhere so I dont fret about it. I know I have next week to give it my best again and aim for the higher reps then.

On this coming Saturday (30th June) I'll be 12 weeks from my first comp and I tell you, I'm getting really excited about starting "official prep". I say "official" because Josh has insisted that I've been preparing since we started training together in December but I'm looking forward to taking it up a notch and raising the bar, so to speak. I've waited so long for this and now its finally about to happen.

Please stay tuned to follow my 12 weeks leading up to Sep 22nd (and then taking me through to Sep 30th). I'm sure it'll be one helluva ride :-)

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Magda, thats great news that you have found such motivation and commitment. Congratulations on a great result on the scales. it really helps to spur you on that little bit more.

Kaddy said...

the beginning of that post sounds like my life.... so fired up one week...draggin me feet the next.

I think i need to put more time in to visualising where im going :)

12 weeks! WOOHOO, gl!

Shar said...

Hey Magda

Sounding like you are on track!
The day my Comp Prep started (16 weeks out) was the day everything changed for me, I hope you feel it too and your journey is a smooth one!

Keep pushing on
Shar x