Thursday, June 14, 2007


Yes I have the day off (again!!) tomorrow. I worked like a Trojan today to get everything as much up to date as possible so its another long weekend for me. I've loved this 3 day week - although yesterday wasnt such a good day for me.

First priority tomorrow: SLEEP IN!! Even til 6.30/7am would be a treat (sad, I know!!). I only have cardio tomorrow so I hope to knock that on the head in the morning while BS (who doesnt go to kindy on Fridays) is playing on his X Box or computer. (Thank God for this technology. It can be the BEST "child-minder").

Second priority: SIL has a friend with a little girl just a bit younger than BS visiting from Sydney so I'm hoping to catch up with them. I just cant resist a bit of socialising, in any form. I was invited over there tonight but with working late, BS to pick up from my parents, dinner to cook, clean up, bed-time ritual and then my weights session, I knew that the social stuff wasnt going to happen tonight.

Third priority: Knock of as many domestic things as possible but mainly the grocery shopping.

Oh and I cant forget: Enjoy the day with BS!! But thats not hard to do.

So I will sign off til my next post. Cheers all.


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Kristy said...

Hi Magda, thanks for the comment on my blog. It sure was cold yesterday morning and even colder this morning. Only 2 degrees. I'm going to have to invest in warmer clothes I think for our training sessions... What woud you recommend? I don't want to be too hot when I warm up.

It's great training with you, it helps motivate both of us when you really don't feel like it...


btw I hope you have a great day off and manage to get everything done.