Thursday, June 07, 2007


This is the first thing my boss asks when I get to the gym to teach my Wednesday night classes.

"My legs are tired and sore. My butt hurts. I'm hungry and tired from the early morning starts. SITUATION NORMAL!!!" is my reply LOL!! But he always looks me over (in a professional way) and says "looking good" and I know its all worth it :-) He has known me for a long time and he's seen first hand my weight going up, down, up, down forever yoyoing. Its been a rough ride this yoyoing I've been living with for the last 30 or so years. Yes you read that right 30 years!!!

So cardio this week has been really good. Having Kristy training with me for sprints/intervals is such a bonus. I was tired this morning and on my own I'd probably have taken it just a smidge easier but I pushed it hard so as not to waste the session.

Yesterday was a big training day with moderate intensity cardio first up then back/legs and my classes in the evening. I was really hungry last night. My tuna + salad barely touched the sides lol.

Well I've got to sign off there as I'm mega busy so til next time cheers all.



Nicc said...

Hi Magda,
Loved your 3 C's post. It is just as relevant post comp as it is pre as I am now struggling with gaining some weight & not liking it & trying to get my eating under control again. I have to remember those words too. Thanks! Nic

Anonymous said...

thanks for dropping my blog magda! I know what you are talking about, tonight I have had words with my boyfriend trying to explain the importance of creating the right environment to enhance training performance each day so this means, no going from one house to another, no late nights, etc etc - boring hey. he misses me and I miss him but in this sport, i think we ask our friends for more and thats what keeps up kicking. Love your posts, keep the momentum and enjoy the process.. you are beautiful and too a fat burning lean machine! Love shells xxoo

stacytoby said...

I might have to join you girls one morning I think, I am loving my 6:30 jogs but would like to mix it up!!

LizN said...

Hi Magda,

I'm glad if any of my ramblings have helped you. The "rest of the life" mindset is as important as the comp mindset.

Liz N