Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Boy oh boy have things been busy at home, at work, just everywhere. Phew!!

The Indian dinner out was better than expected.....thanks to my little power-nap before going out. I chose a "tandoori platter" which was perfect except there was a lot of meat/seafood and I ate it all (well over my meal allowance for protein). Shell, if I'd pulled a set of scales out of my bag to weigh out my meat, my WH would have pulled out a set of divorce papers LOL!! He is SO not into what I'm doing. I also had a cucumber salad and felt quite virtuous :-)

Sunday wasnt so good as I felt "obliged" to have cake at my Dad's birthday dinner. No-one hassled me or pressured me but I still felt like I should have it so as to not hurt my mum's feelings. That cake was a bad decision and I've struggled with getting back on track since then.

Yes I've been a bit low again and have been battling some serious self-doubts about whether I can/will succeed at this. Its been a rough and difficult ride over the last few weeks. I've had good days but I've had quite a few bad days too.

My plan for tomorrow (time permitting) is to identify individual problems/challenges and then come up with a strategy for managing them. I also want to be quite clear about what my priorities are in my life over the next 13-15 weeks and make sure that each is getting the time/attention it deserves. I think I have to approach this prep with a black and white plan instead of a lot of heartfelt intense emotion. (And that statement shows I've been with/married to a Virgo for way too long now...LOL!!)

PS I'm a Cancerian :-) and proud of it!!

Cheers all



Shar said...

Hey Magda
Virgo statement coming!! .......
I had the same emotional battles that you seem to have, all last year I just couldn't pull it together to complete a 12 week challenge let alone cnsider doing a comp, same goes for Jan and feb of this year BUT.....having done 13 weeks of my 16 weeks to my first comp I feel justified in saying this will not happen for you until you do make it black and white!! The decision has to be made, the switch turned on and then just do it, believe in yourself and make no excuses. In my eyes there can be no inbetween, i'm either in or I'm out, I'm so pleased I choose in! Havent missed a workout or a meal, the changes are fantastic and well worth the sacrifice.
Please e mail me if you want to chat.
Shar X

Anonymous said...

Hi Magda,

You will achieve what YOU want to achieve. Figure out what it is, set goals to do it and then just DO IT!!

As for the cake, don't beat yourself up over it. Once you have eaten something it's done. You can't change it, you accept it, if you don't like what you did you rememeber those feelings for the next time you are put in that situation. There will be many times like that, thats what life is about.

Be Strong and don't be so hard on yourself. We all have our battles, just pick the ones worth fighting.

You have done great to date, keep up the awesome work and your dreams will come true.