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I've been giving this a fair bit of thought lately and I've devised my 3 key ingredients for success. I know there are others but these 3 are very relevant to me.
Liz Nelson made a very true comment in her blog and that was to aim for consistency and not perfection. Wiser words have never been spoken and I know Josh echoes this bit of advice and reminds me of it continually.
You see I can do "perfection" and I can do it for a day, a week or even 2 or so weeks BUT I always reach a point where I fail at perfection and then I slip into the exact opposite. This is the worse thing you can do. All that hard training, legs aching, sweat pouring off you, heart pounding etc has just gone to waste. Putting crap into the body just wipes out all that previous good work.
Now on the other hand "consistency" means a constant and steady effort to do the right thing most of the time. A small slip up or deviation is not an issue (unless of course its within a hair's breadth from comp date) and should not be the impetus for an all out binge. It means plugging away at what you know you have to do and hey, maybe even enjoying the journey.
NEW GOAL: I am consistent. I am not perfect and I wont try to be.
Once you decide to do something, stick with it until its done. No excuses. No cop-outs. No "I cant be bothered coz its all too hard now" attitude. Make the necessary sacrifices and do so without whinging and complaining or feeling sorry for yourself.
Yes I've been guilty of some of the above lately but deep down my commitment was still was just taking a little vacataion :-).
NEW GOAL: I am committed to achieving my best physique ever and getting up on stage in September. I will do what I have to do to achieve this and I'll do it with a positive attitude (as much as possible)

I love this one because its so relevant. Last week when I was stuffing down obscene amounts of crap food there was no justification for what I was doing. Deep down I was trying to justify my actions with self talk like "oh I'll be dieting strictly soon so I deserve this" or "I'm feeling really stressed/anxious/nervous" etc but at the end of the day I was just making BAD CHOICES. Its as simple as that.
Every day we have the choice to eat well or to eat rubbish. We have the choice of fitting in our exercise/training or just not bothering, or more commonly, finding reasons/excuses for not doing it. I think its really important to take responsibility for our choices and not fall into the "victim trap". You know what I mean "oh poor me I'm so busy/tired/injured etc that I cant exercise" or the food ones like "I didnt have time to prepare something healthy/I deserve this coz I've been so good for so long/Just a little wont hurt (and a little turns into a lot)".
NEW GOAL: I will make good choices that will support my goal of getting my best physique ever. I will accept responsibility for the choices I make.
So these "Triple Cs" are going to drive me towards my big goal.
I attended a training course today. Morning tea came out with 2 huge platters overflowing with cheesecakes, banana cakes, carrot cakes and many other cakes of various descriptions. They looked superb and I LUUUURVE cheesecake, carrot cake and banana cake and I was hungry and I knew how good they'd taste. BUT I thought of my Triple Cs and got out my rice cake and my low fat cottage cheese and ate my planned snack and had 2 cups of herbal tea.
A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
Cheers all

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stacytoby said...

Good on ya Magda, you've spelled it out so clearly!!! I am working on consistency at the moment, like consistently going for a run every morning upon rising... .only problem is, its raining outside pretty consistently! I guess the weather follows the three 'c's too!!!