Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Tuesday 12the June 2007:

5pm: WH and I pick up BS from After School Care. In the car on the way home we play word games with BS calling the letters and where they have to be in the words and we all think of words to match.

5.30pm: Arrive home. Heating goes on and I hit the kitchen. BS has fish fingers, bread with peanut butter, cheese, carrots and snow peas for dinner. WH is having beef vindaloo (made Saturday morning) and just needs pappadums and veges with it. My chicken is already cooked so I just need steamed brocolli. Everything is on the go and I make BS's lunch for the next day. I have herbal tea on the go as its too cold to drink gallons of water now.

6pm: We eat. BS takes forever. I inhale my food as I'm so hungry. It barely touches the sides and I'm looking forward to my PWO shake + fruit. I start cleaning up while BS is still eating.

6.30pm: Make a salad for my dinner tomorrow. Take WH's dinner out of the freezer. Organise BS's lunch box. Still more cleaning up.

6.45pm: Hit the internet to see what Josh has posted in my Training Diary. Its all good. I update with today's cardio and WH organises Milo and a play session with BS.

7.15pm: Bath time. WH hits the exercise room after starting BS's bath. I finish off the bath and the bedtime ritual. We read BS's new picture atlas and one of the country's we read about tonight is Italy. I drool over the picture of a plate of pasta and then pull myself together again.

7.45pm: WH finishes his workout, comes to wish BS a goodnight and makes himself a cappuccino and has a chocolate crackle with it :-).

7.55pm: My turn in the exercise room. I do chest/tris/shoulders and have an awesome session hitting some PBs again.

8.45pm: All done. Time to devour that PWO shake and a pear and post results in my PE Training Diary.

9.00pm: Hop into my blog and drive everyone to tears with my boring schedule.

Now to get ready for my early morning cardio + tomorrow night's classes and then hit the sack.

Good night all


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