Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I will preface this by saying that I told WH what I was intending to do, seeing as he bears the brunt of a lot of the ups and downs I'm experiencing and he wasnt convinced that I could operate with such a plan/strategy. Yes I'm all feelings, emotions, drama, moodiness and I wear my heart on my sleeve so everyone around me knows where I'm at LOL !!

But here goes anyway. I'm listing the things I find difficult and what I can do to make them better/easier:

I lose my focus and become complacent.
I will revisit my goals regularly and my Triple C post to reinforce whats important to me and what I plan to do.
At the end of 3 weeks where I've followed my comp prep plan properly I will reward myself with a full body massage. This should help me get through that difficult 3rd week in my eating cycles.

I'm really feeling the cold.
Buy woollen gloves, a good pair of boots, thermal undies (how romantic and sexy will that be!!), stay indoors when I can, take advantage of heating as much as I can.

Sugar free lollies (for a while anyway), Diet Coke (a necessary evil right now), herbal tea (fruity ones are naturally sweet and yummy).

Feeling down/depressed:
Yes this will happen and I will acknowledge when I feel that way but also remind myself that food will not make me feel better. Schedule an activity that I enjoy. Or just VENT in my blog :-)

Getting stressed at work:
Deep breath, walk, Diet Coke, remind myself where work sits in list of priorities.

I'm sure the list could go on and on but these are the things that are foremost in my mind right now so they've made it onto the page.

I have more I want to say but will save it for tomorrow. Good night folks.


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Jaime-lee said...

Hi madga, good goals hun. I have thermo gloves with the fingers cut out. I find when I run in the mornings my hands dont get so hot BUT Yep i also have sexy thermos LOL that I peal off after my run. Also have you tried chromium Piccolate for cravings?(u get at healtheries) I find it works and are you on a fat burner? that seems to help too, im on Lipo6.

Attitude is choice, and I think you need to just keep reminding yourself how lucky you are for your family/friends and your health.