Friday, June 08, 2007


Yesterday I started my blog post during my lunch break....and finished it after 5pm. The afternoon just got so busy that WH and I (yes we now work in the same place lol) were stuck at work til 5.30. By the time we picked up BS from my parents' place, had dinner, bathed and put BS to bed my weight training session started at 8.20pm :-( Needless to say I wasnt in bed by 9.30 as there was still so much domestic stuff to take care of at that late hour.

On the brighter side side though, I had the day off today and its been go, go, go again. First the luxury of a sleep-in. I naturally woke up at 5 but felt quite smug about being able to go back to sleep. Then it was up at 6.15 as I had to take WH to work and have 1 meeting that was unavoidable today. BS sat with us cleverly drawing away...such an angel :-)

The rest of the day was spent with BS: coffee (for me), biscuit (for him) at GJs, grocery shopping, lunch out (all good and healthy!!), some shopping for odds and ends and then an appointment on the other side of town. We were on the go all day. Cardio had to be scheduled in the late afternoon today but that was ok. At least my weights are done for the week.

Tomorrow is weigh and measure day and I'll now be getting my body fat done weekly. If that doesnt keep me on track, nothing will. I'm feeling ok about it though as I've had a good week and am feeling lean again. I had the pleasure of putting on my size 11 jeans and having them ft like before, a little lose and very comfy today. I dont think I've cracked sub 60 yet but I dont think its too far off. My god!! How exciting will that be!!

Tonight I did a quick whip around everyone's blogs and its good to read about the successes, achievements and even the struggles and challenges that we all experience. To all those who had successes to report I say "well done". If you're struggling with some issues then I say "hang in there and just aim for one small step at a time". I havent left individual comments but will do so when time is a little more on my side.

Good night to all now. I'm going to aim to blog over this (long!!) weekend so stay tuned. Hopefully I have successes to report.



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Jaime-lee said...

hey magda woohooo size 11 jeans! You go girl ; ) me on the other hand fitting nicely into the 12's still...thats ok I can handle it cause it wont be for much longer!

I met Stacy tonight at the gym, what a little ball of muscle she is! were training together on fridays! Its great to find you girls on blog.....more ther merrier and makes it more fun!

Hey i know what you mean about the getting to bed late business, im inspired by you that your doing all this with a child, me, no children oh UNLESS you count hubby ; ) but plan to return later to the BIG stage once had a child....Im sure il have the new goals new challenges then.

have a great weekend x