Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Its dawned on me that if I put as much time and energy into my comp prep as I do into stuffing around, fluffing around and moping around, I'd be looking good to win the Figure Olympia title LOL!!!

Life recently has been a HEEEEUUUGE rollercoaster ride with emotions, feelings, beliefs, actions just all over the place. I'm NOT about to make a bold statement that "its all going to change, starting right now!!" because I know it wont be that black and white but here's my first draft of my Comp Prep Management Plan.

First step: Priorities for the next 15 weeks:

These things are a HIGH priority and time must be made for them as indicated:

  • Clean food as per my nutrition plan set out by Josh. This includes time spent preparing food in advance.
  • Cardio every day. Intensity varies allowing for maximum effort days and low intensity "recovery days".
  • Weight training: 4 sessions/week with focus and intensity.
  • Time spent with BS: Fortnightly day off from work/Bedtime ritual/ Weekend play or cooking time / At least 1 speech practice session EVERY week.
  • Time spent with WH: A tricky one but we will work this one out.
  • Posing practice: 30mins/week now and increasing as required.
  • Caring for my family daily: Organising meals/school bag/uniform etc for BS.

These things are a MEDIUM priority:

  • Work: Necessary but I'm not gunning for any outstanding achievement awards.
  • Family (extended): Its only 15 weeks til comps are over. They will move up after that. I'm sure they'll understand.
  • Friends: Same boat as family.
  • Blogging: I love blogging but some days it just aint gonna happen.

These things are a LOW priority:

  • Teaching: I will keep up my classes until I feel that my high priorities are suffering. I cannot devote hours to choreographing new routines. I will use my trusted oldies for now.
  • Housework and domestic stuff: Ok there's stuff that must be done but I will not stress if the washing isnt folded as soon as its off the line. Thank god I have a cleaner :-)
  • Social life: Sad but true. Its 15 weeks. I will survive. Available social time will be spent mainly with WH :-)

There is a Part 2 to this post but right now other priorities beckon. Stay tuned folks.

Cheers Magda


bev said...

Hi Magda,
I had to laugh at your first comment about spending time on fluffing around,and that you could of won the olympia by now.Dont worry that all comes with it.You are doing a fantastic job.I've been following your blog and you are fired and wired most of the time.I continually am writing a plan of attack.I think it remotivates us.There is no doubt there will be challenging times with family,work,etc. but when you look back at it you will be very proud of what you have achieved (and so will they)
Keep it up


Nic said...

Hi Magda,
You will be happy to know that you are not alone & going through a comp prep is a huge challenge that requires dedication that many people cannot manage. My prep has always been a huge rollercoaster but each time you are down you will find a way up again and perserverance will get you there. 15 weeks is still plenty of time and I know you can get there. Keep focused, do the best you can manage and it will come together. Nic