Thursday, June 21, 2007


The next 9 days are really important to me. You see they take me up to my 12 weeks out mark. I've had a few days (again) of stuffing around and fluffing around and not being focussed on my long term goal, all the time thinking "oh I have time to make it up and get it right". But this is a really negative mindset and it sets me up to take backward steps which I'll only have to work mega-hard to make up in the 12 weeks.
So after some more soul-searching I've decided that in this 9 days I will prove (to myself) that I can stick to my diet and training plan. I've set a mini goal to be 60kgs by 30th June which is the 12 week mark. In doing so I know it will place me in such a better position mentally to embark on the 12 weeks of prep. I spoke to Josh via my Training Diary in the PE website last night telling him of this plan of attack and he said that I have to believe I can do it and I'll do it.
I feel different today. More positive, focussed and just getting on with it.
  • I ate my lunch today and was hungry an hour later...bad luck - have a bucket full of herbal tea.
  • I had my morning snack and was hungry less than an hour later...bad luck - move lunch forward and get stuck into work in the meantime so my mind is on things other than food.
  • It rained just before I was due to head out for my morning cardio ... bad luck - I went anyway but stayed closer to home in case there was a torrential downpour.
One step at a time, one day at a time and I'll get there.
Yes Kristy and I trained in the rain this morning. It was very light and fine when we started but at one stage it came down a bit heavier and we could easily have called it quits. But I thought to myself "I'm not a quitter. We've done however many sprint reps already, lets finish it off" so we kept going and soon the rain eased off anyway. My feet were wet and my socks were soggy but I had fat to burn and I was there to burn it. WH could not believe that I had been out in "that weather". Luckily it was a balmy 12 degrees :-)
I had a really yummy lamb curry for lunch today and it was all good clean food. I bought some lean (and expensive!!) lamb which my mum minced for me. I "browned" it with some chopped onion in a bit of cooking spray in a non-stick pan and added a couple of handfuls of veges (cauli/celery...whatever you fancy really) and added some curry powder and some stock to moisten it. Thats it. Cook it til the veges are to your liking and voila..yummy, healthy, clean lamb curry. Oh and I add a teaspoon of flaxseed oil before eating to make sure I get my daily essential fats. :-)
So thats me blogged up to date now. I've enjoyed catching up with everyone else's blogs too and have taken on some of the advice and practices that the more experienced competitors have written about. Thanks know who you are...imparting just the right words of wisdom at the right times.
Cheers all
PS I dont know why this stupid blogger wont insert my breaks between the paragraphs. I've edited it 4 times and its still coming up in one big block of text. YUK!!


Splice said...

Blogger does that to me sometimes. I don't know why!
Sounds like you have your motivation in place, I know you will do really well.

Tracey said...
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Tracey said...

Hey Magda, if you need any further advice on things send me another PM over at PE anytime.

Glad to hear that your getting yourself in the right frame of mind, this is the most important thing.

LizN said...


See my post today. No paragraphs suck :)