Saturday, June 16, 2007


Have you ever felt like you've had a good loss of kgs or cms only to weigh and measure and then go "what the??!!" Well I'm in that boat right now. I was absolutely certain that I'd had a great result this week but the numbers on the tape measure and the scales are telling me otherwise. I'm not sure if I'll be getting my body fat done on the Maltron measure by my PT friend today so I'll have to live with this "small loss that felt like a big(ish) loss".

So what else is wierd? I'm going through a phase of sleeping badly again. I woke up early yesterday but was able to stay in bed and just laze for a while so I was ok with that. But today I woke up REALLY early and after an hour or so of slowly being consumed by dreadful boredom I was up a little after 5am. I would have hopped into some training but had no gear ready and didnt want to be stuffing around while WH was still trying to sleep. So I've had an early breakfast (coz I was starving hungry) and have updated my Training Diary, my blog, caught up with others' blogs and read the paper. I'd like to do some more food prep but dont want to make too much noise to wake the family.

Its leg day today and I have 5 exercise supersets to do for 5 sets (rotations). Hoowee!! That should give my legs a good going over. I will attempt a jog straight after but I reckon I'll be back into my old "Cliff Young shuffle" style instead of my beautiful running style that I'm now fit enough to do.

We have dinner out at an Indian (I think) restaurant tonight for a friend's birthday. That'll be a good diet challenge :-( Cant say I'm really looking forward to it but wont let them down by pulling out at the last minute. Plus I know WH is keen to go probably because the dinner is being followed up by drinks at an English pub afterwards...yippee...NOT!! I'd give anything to be home in my trackies and uggies, maybe hire a movie and just eat my regular dinner and get an early night. Geez I'm boring aren't I LOL!!

Well I hope you all have a great weekend. Stay warm (if you live in cold place), eat well, train hard and enjoy it all!! Til my next post.....

Cheers. Magda


stacytoby said...

Hi Madga,

Lamb Rogan Josh or Beef Vindaloo are safer choices for clean eating, no coconut milk or oil (usually)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi girl shell here.. looks like you and I are doing this comp prep together hey... So happy to know that we can come together on this one and leverage each other to do our very best.. bring it on hey Mag! love shells xxoo

Anonymous said...

You could try a salad too, just ask for tones of veggies and get some meet on the side.. Ps, I take my scales with me to resturants so I can weigh the meat, and who cares, what others say your fiends will understand i am sure.. and sometimes measuring cup if you aloud to have some rice etc. Drink heaps of water and just try enjoy the night, and even better go out dancing after- its fun and brightens up my nights out. Plus you have a hot body, so might as well flaunt it right.. we don't train and eat clean for nothing do we hun! xxoo bye again!

Anonymous said...

Make the right choices in the restuarant and take your utensils you will feel much better for it tomorrow xxoo I leave you alone now!

Lisa said...

Magda, how you feel is what it is all about. You need to be happy and enjoy what you are doing.