Saturday, June 23, 2007


Today was hair day but these days its just roots and a tidy up as I'm growing my hair for the comps. Then home briefly before taking BS to a birthday party. Lots of lovely social chit chat with the other parents and keeping my hands out of the wedges and nachos that were served for lunch (for the adults). I ate my lunch in the car when it was all over.

Home for a chit chat with WH and then leg training. Again the 5 exercise supersets for 5 cycles. I upped my reps in each set to 18....just dreading doing that 20....yeeeouch thats a lot of sets and reps. Dont know how I did it but I even managed a 25 minute jog after the leg supersets. Mind you it was a bit of my old "Cliff Young Shuffle" again but hey it was a big effort regardless. Then abs, post result to Josh, shower and think about getting dinner.

Where does the time go? The ironing basket is overflowing and tomorrow is another washing day and food prep day. But I'm ok with all that. Feeling good, feeling positive and was happy with the number on the scales this morning...although measurements didnt change much.

Good night all


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Hilary said...

It was hair day for me too yesterday!

You sound like you are really on track now Magda, way to go staying away from the nachos and wedges!

Hilary xx