Tuesday, June 05, 2007


This morning the lovely Miss Kristy joined me at 5.30am to do cardio training. How amazing is that? The super-early start and just living close enough to be able to get together. I was quite blown away. But I guess if it was going to happen anywhere, it'd happen in little ol' Adelaide. God I love living here...except that its darn cold at that hour and we trained through a light but steady drizzle. We are mighty dedicated girls each with big goals so a little drizzle aint gonna stop us no siree!!

My posts have been a bit lacking lately which I'm going to rectify. Last week I was just in too negative a place to share my experience with others. It'd be like "hey today I walked into the shop across the road from work and bought a toasted foccacia and a bran muffin for lunch" Yes I made some very bad choices and there are no real excuses and I'm going to write some more about this later.

Work has been quite busy with a bit more travelling than usual. On the one hand I love it as it makes the day go so much quicker but it also presents a few little challenges in keeping meals/snacks to plan. I've done well though. Rule number 1: keep out of the country bakeries.... or any bakeries for that matter. Rule number 2: take all the food you're going to need. If it needs to be kept cold, pack the ice bottle. Rule number 3: never lose sight of the big goals with less than 16 weeks to go.

I'm not going to dwell on last week but I will say 2 things:
  1. On Saturday my superbly fitting size 11 jeans were uncomfortably tight. I HATED that feeling and I dont want to go there again.
  2. On Sunday my WH took pics that I had to send to Josh. My god, what a change already..and not one for the better. I hated those pics. I hated Josh for making me do them. I hated feeling fat and bloated again. Once again, I dont want to go there again.

Now to share some positive and great news: Yesterday I ran my 5kms in 29 minutes. OMG it was hard work but I've broken through the 30 minute barrier. What a fantastic feeling that was :-) WOOO HOO I was on fire!!!

Thanks to all who left comments of support and encouragement after my "confession" post. It does go a long way to making me feel better at those difficult times. To Kristy and Kaddy who had qusetions about training programs I will get back to you very soon. I'm trying to keep up with all blogs, just finding it hard to leave comments at this busy time.

Cheers all


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Kaddy said...

it sounds chaotic :)

thanks heaps magda!