Saturday, June 09, 2007


Today I was stuck with the "glass half empty" syndrome. Not because of diet or training which are both ok, but just with a "to do" list that seems to grow and grow and hours available getting less and less. Yes it does come back to the time spent on training and preparing food which is huge in this sport but it was the other stuff that really peed me off today. Like changing my schedule around to accommodate WH, like not having time to play with my BS and and like using all my strength to avoid an arguement with WH because I hadnt thought of what he could have for lunch (other than the usual stuff available) and I wasnt getting it for him. I mean..GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH!!! And I'll say no more.

Today's leg session was awesome. 5 exercises all super-setted. Yeehaa!! I stayed a bit conservative on the reps but know that I can bump them up in MOST of the exercises next week. Cardio straight after (once again because of time restraints) was a 30 min powerwalk as there was no way I could have done even a half decent run.

Weigh and measure was good. I'm almost back at my previous lowest weight and all measurements were back there or within 1cm so that was good. The sub 60 wont be far and you'll all know when I hit it as I'll be screaming it out for the world to hear LOL. Just FYI, I'm 171cms tall so the 60kgs is a "looking quite good for a non-figure-girl weight".

Anyways its time to hit the sack soon so signing off til next post.

Cheers all



Splice said...

Hey Magda!
171cm? your taller then me, im only 166cms. And your, right, sub 60kgs for your height is great.
I will chack back to see when you make it, I should chack back real soon :-)

Ali said...

Your taller than me as well, I am 170 cms :)

sometimes the to-do- list can be a bit daunting, at least your diet and training sound like they are right on track, hope you had a great long weekend


Magda said...

Thanks guys. Yes I'm lucky that I've been blessed with height and reasonably good shoulders. The two certainly help when I'm carrying heaps of weight down lower. Sometimes there is a god working in small ways!!

Cheers Magda