Saturday, March 01, 2008


7.10Woken up by BS. Send him to watch TV. Its too early to get up. I neeeeeed more sleep pleeeease.

7.30 BS: "Mummy I'm a bit hungry now". Grrr have to get up and feed the munchkin.

7.35 Hop on scales. 68.1 (I wish the last 2 numbers were the other way around LOL). Cest la vie. I'm feeling good today and this WILL NOT ruin my day. Go back to bed.

8.05 Training time :-) Upper body + cardio on the rower and exercise bike. A good session.

9.40 Oat/protein pancake with sugar free maple syrup, LSA + banana for breakfast. YUMMO!! By now I'm feeling great. I could slay dragons and I'm ready to tackle the day.

10.10 Shower and get ready. Hmmm size 11 jeans dont ft anymore (sadly they are not stretch fabric) so I resort to black trackie pants. At least they are good quality, clean and look as good on as trackie pants can. I put on a nice lipstick to compensate for the trackie pants. Its all good.

10.35 Throw a load of washing in.

10.40 Grocery shopping. Most people hate grocery shopping but I really enjoy it. I read labels, compare prices, sneak in a few treats for my BS and consider all this to be "fun".

11.35 I believe in supporting my local businesses so I stop in for a skim cappuccino and enjoy it WITHOUT a cake or biscuit. GO ME!!

12.30 Arrive home with food - yay we can all eat now. I make BS his lunch and put groceries away.

1.30 Lunch time. Wholegrain pasta with lots of veges + a tin of sardines in tomato sauce. YUMMO AGAIN :-)

2.15 Housework hustle time. Again I'm wishing we lived in a modest townhouse instead of this sprawling house with way too much space for 3 people. I clean and wipe and sweep and mop and I barely scratch the surface of all there is to do. Oh well in my busy schedule somethings gotta give and its the housework.

3.30 Time to drag BS off the computer and hit the kitchen. We make chocolate crackles. BS eats the mixture before it has set and I dont touch it. ANOTHER WIN.

4.50 Yummo its time for my afternoon snack. I have a DietLite yogurt (passionfruit) with added WPI + a peach. Happy again.

5.00 Start preparing dinner. WH has chosen a Lamb Biryani recipe from the CSIRO 2 book. Its a bit of work as I've bought a leg of lamb that needs cutting off the bone, trimming of fat and then dicing. The rest is easy peasy.

7.00 We have the Lamb Biryani for dinner with steamed asparagus. I resist having wine (will have some tomorrow as we are out for lunch). Dinner is delish. We sit outside and chat about our next big venture. Do we do it or dont we? Its a great debate.

8.30 Bath and bed time for BS. Sort and fold washing. Clean up kitchen.

9.45 Kick WH off computer and catch up with blogs and blogging.

So today was a bit of a busy blur. Where did it go? But in amongst all that I had time to reflect on what I've been through in the last few weeks. Where I went wrong and why I seem to do it over and over again. I loved the food I had today and my training felt great. So how/why do things always go off the rails for me?

I have accepted a fill in class at my old gym on Thursday evening. Its just a Basic Step class but its one I used to teach before I moved interstate. I wish I was a bit leaner and therefore in a bit better shape after not having seen the members there for some time (July last year). But this is who I am right now and I'll just have to do an outstanding job of teaching so I'm judged on that and not on how podgy I am around the middle or on the legs.

Cheers all



Cat said...

Sounds like a great saturday. I also love grocery shopping and treat it like an adventure LOL

Ali said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day, I enjoy grocery sopping as well I actually find it quite relaxing, strange I know.Your dinner sounded scrumptious

I totally understand about the clothes not fitting and seeing people you haven't for a while, I've grown in all proportions over the last few months.

Enjoy the class!!!& have a great week

Ali xxx

Magda said...

Thanks Cat. It was a good day.

Ali I have an interesting post about that (seeing people you havent seen for a while) today. I hope you catch it.