Sunday, March 02, 2008


Today we had lunch at a friend's country property with a group from work. It was a lovely day out with good food (they did a lamb roast and we were all waiting for Tom to Cruise in LOL), a few wines and great conversation.

Our Director (read that "big boss") was there just casually socialising with us all. I'll call him JC (coz they're his initials and for no other reason). JC is a very focussed and determined high achiever. In December last year he climbed Mira Peak (in Tibet) with a group led by Duncan Chessell who is a world famous mountaineer. It wasnt his first mountain climb and we were told today it wont be his last even though he is 56 years old. I have always admired and respected JC. I've always gotten along well with him and found him easy to talk to and very interesting to talk to.

So at lunch today JC leans over the table and says to me "Magda do you mind if I ask you a personal question?".
I'm a bit nervous but I reply "No go ahead" (very slight hesitation there).
"How much weight have you gained since your comps last year?"
Now at this point I'm sure I turned red (it felt like it) and I just wanted to crawl under the table and die of shame. But I did a very quick calc in my head and told him the amount quickly adding that yes it was a bit too much and I wasnt happy about it rarara.
What do you think he said?

Blow me over his reply was "Magda you look fantastic (again). Doesnt she look fantastic guys (to the others there)? Its great to have the old Magda back".

And all this with not a hint of ridicule or sarcasm or put down. He was 100% genuine.

I sit here shaking my head as you all know that I'm NOT HAPPY with the weight I've gained back and yet twice in a week I've been told how good I look.





Pip said...

Hmm, interesting comment! It's true, I think quite a lot of guys like it when a chicks attitude around food is a bit more relaxed and they have slightly more curves but of course all men differ.

I get the same from strangers. I'm your height and over the years have had my weight ranging from 60-90kg. It's been a few years since I was 60kg but then was very fit and I considered I looked and felt real good and didn't starve to get there. I loved how my workout performances were. I was told then I did look good.

But when I show some people those pics now they say 'I don't mean to offend you but you looked horrible then'. Urgh, no way!

I'm 72kg now, (after reducing from 90 over the last few months) and can see I'm starting to look much better, am getting fitter but still want to reduce body fat and reduce/tighten up mid section but am happy with doings and progress. Only one person has told me 'don't lose any more weight' as your arse is getting skinny, (nah, I don't think so!) But it's naturally smaller than my waist and upper body.

Maybe I have more muscle from when I was 60kg, - not sure. The plan is just to get fit, for some up and coming runs and reach some performance targets, keep up resistance training such as body pump or my own thing 2-3 times a week to keep muscle, try to improve strength ability. Weight wise I'm aiming for 68 and to stay under that. Then it's basically to improve fitness and I will see what look follows that!

Combat Girl said...

That was very nice of him BUT I am proud with the way you handled it Magda. He asked a question you gave him the truth and he compliments you. What a fantastic man!

I have not seen you in person but I do know of some people who are real skinny and they just don't look good. They are the ones who usually starve themselves. I like the muscular thin women. The ones that have some shape on them and muscle. It sounds like you fit under this category.

My hubby hated it when I was too thin because he thought I was just a bag of bones. I didn't like it either hence the change.


Lisa said...

Hey Magda,

Same thing used to happen to me. Body building scres your perspective. I am sure you look great now. Whaty don't you post a picture of who you really are?


little rene said...

LISTEN to and BELIEVE the man!

I am sure that you DO look good Magda! You just have to start believing it yourself. Of course you can't walk around for the rest of your life carrying extra weight if you honestly think you look bad, but have you had a really honest look at yourself without comparing your physique now to your comp physique?

Maybe you have been beating yourself up for nothing and you are already a hot, sexy babe?

I'm sure hubby thinks so ;)

LizN said...

Dear Magda,
You're off season and you're healthy and other people notice this in a good way :)