Saturday, March 29, 2008


Yes poor old legs (and all weight training in fact) have been sadly neglected for 2 weeks due to holidays amd then having a cold. The little I did while on holidays would have made virtually no difference other than to remind me that yes my legs are strong and capable of a decent load.

So this morning the new training program came out and I was back in my beloved exercise room doing what I (sort of) love visualising the end result. So here's how it went.

Exercise 1: narrow (traditional) squats with barbell - not too hard
Exercise 2: wide squats with barbell - same as above. Note to self "increase weights at the next session".
Exercise 3: lunges with DBS - OMG!!! I didnt go heavy on the weights as I havent lunged since last year BUT I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE. I had trouble balancing and my legs were wobbling andf shaking. Each set was really hard and my legs were screaming at me "Dont do this to us. We dont like it". Did I listen? No I pressed on albeit it almost in tears LOL

After that, nothing was as hard as the lunges and I just got on with it and did it, looking forward to the exercise bike ride (low - moderate intensity) for cardio. My legs felt really wierd when it was all over. I guess thats a good thing.

But the best thing was having my protein/oat pancake with sugar free maple syrup, LSA and a banana as my post workout recovery meal. Thats my idea of sheer heaven :-)

After that I'm keeping my cals down today so I can enjoy a treat meal tonight at our anniversary dinner (oh and a few wines). Since Tuesday I've lost 2.8kgs but before you go "OMG thats outstanding" I'll confess that about 1.5 of that was just post-Easter-bloat. On Easter Monday I did some baking with my BS and had way too many fresh choc chip biscuits, a sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner. It was a bit of a piggie day LOL.

Cheers all and I hope you're having a great weekend too.



Kek said...

LOL - eating a truckload of wheat certainly plays havoc with the scales! But you have to love the fast weight loss that a few days of clean eating produces!

Nice work on the leg training!

LizN said...

Hi Magda,

Look what happens when I go away for a few days - you commit to competing and you write a fantastic piece on the Feast Beast :)

I'm looking forward to seeing you kick some butt :)

Hilary said...

LOL I did a leg session this week after a few weeks off - all I can say is "I'm feeling your pain"!!

Hope you have a fantastic week! (and that you're able to walk!!)

Hilary xx

Magda said...

Hi Kek,

Eating those biscuits was very naughty but geez they were delicious. No regrets and its all onwards and upwards now.

Liz, the decision was a very tough one but I must confess I'm hooked and would have regretted "not having the guts to give it another go". I will email you soon.

Hilary, I'm in AGONY!!!! Check out today's post.

Cheers all