Monday, March 31, 2008


This morning’s cardio session should have been sprint runs. I could barely walk but set out nevertheless. I walked slowly to start and then picked up the pace a little. I was slowly warming up but still in a lot of pain. I tried to pick the pace up to an easy jog but the impact was excruciating on my glutes so I walked a little more and then headed home and finished the session on my exercise bike.

I had difficulty putting pantyhose on this morning and taking my BS to school and using the stairs there was another experience in sheer pain. Its going to be a long few days while this killer DOMS settles down.

Food is good and back on track after Saturday’s planned treat. At the WNBF seminar yesterday comp preps were discussed. It amazes me as to how many different ways there are to prepare for a comp. What to eat, when to start, how much cardio and what type and when to do it and how often. I came away a little bit dazed and doubting whether what I’m planning will be effective. There were some competitors there who, in my opinion don’t have a lot of weight to lose, yet they are dieting already. And their diets are so strict that it made me sad to think about going so strict at this point out.

But I’ve decided to stick with my plan for April and if I’m not happy with my progress then I’ll up the ante.

Dad goes back into hospital tomorrow to have his angioplasty (he had the dates all mixed up) so all fingers are crossed that everything goes ok and he’s out the next day and recuperating safely at home.




Ali said...

Magda you sound in such a great place it wonderful to read, keep it up!!
Ali xxx

Combat Girl said...

I agree with Ali,

stick with your plan, it is working for you and keep up the good work.


Raechelle said...

I think it's crazy to be strict dieting so far out-not healthy.
Stick to your plan and stay healthy.

Hilary said...

Hope the DOMS is starting to ease up! Mine wasn't as bad as I was expecting.

Sounds like you are working hard, Magda, way to go!

Hilary xx

Antigone said...

I hope all went will with your dads surgery.
Hun I am sure there are thousands of ways to get to comp but the thing is which one suits you? You don't have to be like the others, al you have to do is what is right for you :)
gee did that come out right hehe

RaeC said...

Hi Magda, just wanted to wish your Dad well and hope his angioplasty went OK today.

I'm being relatively strict this far out from the All Females... albeit with a piece of cake for my birthday and some dark choccie and a red wine or two over Easter.

The reason I do this is to be ready ahead of time so that I can cut out the cardio closer to comp, add food in and keep my energy levels up so I can maintain my strength and not lose a lot of muscle.

As you said though, there are many different ways to prep and my way may not be for everyone, but I enjoy the last few weeks of comp prep because I am already in good comp condition and then just need to maintain without having to exhaust myself with hours of cardio per day because my body is holding onto fat and I've started to panic about not being lean enough in time.

There is nothing that sucks the enjoyment out of comp prep more than being exhausted due to excessive cardio, minimal food and panicky stress over not being lean enough and doubting you are going to make it!! So that's why I try to be ready ahead of time, and probably why those competitors are already strict dieting too, so I can definitely see where they are coming from.

Have a great night xxx