Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The amateur picture above is my Comp Prep plan for April. On the left is my weight training program divided into a 4 day split. The columns will allow me to record my weights and reps (with sets already programmed). On the right is my overall plan which details:
  • My starting stats for weight and measurements (DEPRESSING!!) and has room for my stats at the end of April.
  • My weight loss goal for the month.
  • Weights Program - which body parts get done on which days
  • Cardio - different type/intensity/duration
  • Weekly Program - how weights and cardio come together
  • Diet - cals/day + macronutrient ratios; scheduled treats
  • Daily Diet Checklist - foods/behaviours I'm aiming for every day
  • Supplements
  • Mental Prep - only 2 items but probably THE most important thing on the list.
Without a trainer to guide me and monitor me I feel the formality of this program will help to keep me focussed and accountable. I have a formal plan rather than a "see-what-I-feel-like" approach. Thats got to be a good thing.
Finally I got my BS to snap my starting pics so that I have a record of my progress. They are UGLY to say the least but they are me now and they wont be me in a month's time. I will post them when I have a comparsion pic to show which I'm proud of.
So this morning I decided that I WOULD NOT BE SICK ANY LONGER. Despite my headache still lurking and not feeling 100% I did a 1/2 hour walk just to get moving again. It felt good and I'm looking forward to doing a bit more tomorrow. (Its a worry when you start prep and on the first day you dont train coz you're still crook).
Well thats 1 day down and day 2 going good.
Cheers all


Antigone said...

Hi Darl,
Sorry to hear you are still sick! Atleast you made a start to your first day of comp prep hun :)
Have a great week hun :)

Lisa said...

Best of luck Magda. I like your organisation - will watch with great interest and maybe take a leaf out of your book!

Anonymous said...

Love the organisation, very impressive

Shar said...

WOW, those charts/logs and lists make my Virgo heart race LOL!!


Hope to hear you got through your 2nd day.

Shar x

Magda said...

Thanks Em. Finally feeling better today.

Thanks Lisa. As I said, without somebody else doing all that for me I felt it was all up to me. Feels good to have it all in place.

LOL Cat. When its something I love I can be totally organised. But as for housework .... well lets just say I could really use a dose of Em there.

Shar my husband is a Virgo and I swear I'm sometimes turning into one too. If he had any interest in what I'm doing, he'd be super impressed too. Day 2 was all good.

Cheers guys