Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yep life is full of them isn’t it??

During February I agonised over my potential career change and had a very bad month eating wise with some missed training sessions thrown in just to make a bad situation even worse. There was a period there when I really doubted whether I would compete again this year. Firstly because the change in jobs would have been right around comp time and secondly because I had lost my self confidence and didn’t believe I had it in me to drag myself back up from the dark hole I had fallen into. All that dieting and training just seemed insurmountable when my mindset was so negative. It seemed there was no question really but to sit out 2008.

But this month I have dragged myself out of my dark pit and I’m feeling good about things and myself. As you know I’ve been training hard lately and that means I’ve kept my options open. Competing is back on the radar and I have given myself to the end of the month to make a decision about what I’ll do.

Will I compete this year and how will I train? Do I train myself or turn to professional help again? Local or on-line?

Or do I take this year off and use it to make some good gains and then jump back in with a vengeance next year? If I choose this option, will I still have the drive to train hard, watch what I eat but hold out for the extra 12 months?

So many things are going through my mind but this time I’m just going with the flow because I know that give it time and the answer will just come to me. I’m not stressing about it and that’s making a big difference to my well-being.

Cheers all



Antigone said...

Good on you hun :)
Good luck with your decision making hun, its never easy but it's so much easier when your not stressing :)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the decision making.

Shannon said...

Hi Magda,

Thats great you are getting back on track with everything. After doing my first comp also last year, its taken me a while to level out and sort out new goals.... I'm also facing the same decision as you to compete or not to compete again? Either way I guess, its great just to live a lean lifestyle isn't it! Good luck with your decision :)

LizN said...

I know, it's tough. The maintenance/gain muscle road is the harder one, but it's more satisfying in the long term. You know you can compete, but are you up to a different challenge?


Magda said...

Thanks Em and Cat. Still weighing up 2 of the 3 options.

Hi Shannon. Thanks for dropping by my blog. That levelling out process is tough isnt it? I only now feel like I'm getting on top of it. You trained with Liz last year didnt you?

Hi Liz, I will email you soon. I think both options are tough and thats why its taking a while to make up my mind.

Cheers all