Monday, March 10, 2008


This morning WH and I tagged teamed our training. Here's how it worked.

Round 1:

WH: Out jogging approx 30 mins
Me: Exercise Room: Upper body

Round 2:

WH: Exercise Room: 30 min row
Me: walk/jog for some moderate intensity cardio.

Somebody was always home with our BS but we both took advantage of the glorious morning AND we both trained for approximately an hour. BLISS!!

For some reason I feel very tired today. Lethargic and just unmotivated to tackle the housework (Em we could really use you in our household LOL). Now typically days like this would have me looking for "a little something to pick me up" but I have stayed on track 99%. Why not 100% you ask? Well I cooked BS some home made fresh chiken schitzels made from the tenderloins and I had 1 small (DEVINE!!) mouthful as I was cutting it up for him. But that was it ... I swear!

We had marlin steaks for dinner marinated in a little oil, white wine and fresh chilli, ginger and lemongrass. WH did them on the BBQ and with the spinach/roasted pumpkin/fat free sundried tomato/low fat feta and pine nut salad we had another superb clean and healthy meal. AND I still have about 200 cals for "dessert" to take me up to my 1500 cals / day. (BTW dessert will be some low fat creamed cottage cheese sprinkled with cinnamon and Splenda + a Diet Lite yogurt).
I'm being very careful to eat my required calories every day so as not to slip into the "Diet/Binge" cycle as I have MANY times before. Small steps but all moving in the right direction :-)

Well not much else to report excpet we took BS to the beach today. Its not my favourite place (I'm not a lover of sand everywhere) but he had a ball so it was worth it. Now the long weekend is almost over and tomorrow and its back to work . I can feel a bad case of Mondayitis coming on but having a short week will compensate.

Cheers all



Pip said...

Whoohoo Magda! Your workouts are making me tired! You sound in control and on fire! Lookout! Well done!


Anonymous said...

Housework makes me lethargic and unmotivated as well LOL, perhaps we should bottle what Em has hehe.

Love the tag team work out, great idea.

Sounds like you had a lovely long weekend. Hope Mondayitis isn't too bad.

Magda said...

Pip my workouts are making ME tired. I'm looking forward to having Saturday as a rest day FOR SURE.

Cat I too desperately need a bit of Em's enthusiasm for housework. Its a drag no matter which way you look at it.