Friday, March 07, 2008


For Lisa, my (almost) 6 year old son snapped this tonight so sorry about the quality but here I am at a smidge under 67kgs. Too big and flabby around the middle for my liking and these shorts hide the worst part of my legs. But its me as I am now. (And I'm smiling so its not THAT BAD)

Every now and then you just have a day when it feels like you've struck gold. Today was my day. Here's why.

Weighed this morning and was a smidge under 67kgs. I know its only a number but its nice when the number in the current week is less than the number in the previous week.

Then its time for my upper body training and I (confidently) increase the weights on my bench press and deadrows. Its hard work but I make it and I'm feeling very pleased with myself.

As I've posted before, every Friday our floor has a shared morning tea. In past times I've had the strength to resist all the junky carbs but recently this hasnt been the case. Lately I've loaded one small plate full of cakes, biscuits, bread, cheese and crackers and then often gone back for a 2nd, 3rd or (dare I say) 4th helping. Some days I've just grazed on the left-overs all day :-( I felt different today. I packed my usual morning tea (low fat creamed cottage cheese sprinkled with cinnamon and Splenda + an apple) and decided that I would have that and not risk approaching the "danger zone". So morning tea came around and I went to the cafeteria area. OMG the spread was AMAZING. So many cakes, hot X buns, donuts, Tim Tams, cheese and crackers and 2 big bowls of mixed fruit + nuts. (These are all foods I absolutely LOVE!!!). For a moment I looked at it and thought "OMG that looks fantastic" but then I realised I actually DIDNT WANT ANY OF IT. And it wasnt even a case of "Geez I'd love some but I wont/cant". I actually DIDNT WANT IT!!!!!! I ate my snack and felt fine. No anxiety. No feelings of deprivation. No need to call on some superhuman strength to resist it. I just didnt want it. (Somebody please tell me how to capture this and bottle it).

Today I really threw myself into an aspect of my job thats been much neglected over recnt times. I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed it and how much more motivated it made me about my work. Its ignited a spark which will see me push myself harder to achieve more and this I know will result in improved self-esteem and will take my mind off food when I'm at work. I'm going to prove (just to myself mainly) that you dont always need to change jobs to find happiness. Sometimes a change in approach and ATTITUDE can have a very positive result.

So all good with the food today. No cardio today but will be huffing and puffing again tomorrow. I have some nice dinners planned for our Adelaide Cup long weekend and we are having breakfast out on Sunday morning as WH's golf game was cancelled due to the forecast scorching heat.

I'm sure I'll blog more over the weekend. Have a great one guys.




Combat Girl said...

Well Magda I think you look gorgeous. I mean that!!


Anonymous said...

I think you look great. Well done on resisting all those foods at morning tea.

Have an awesome long weekend

Hilary said...

Looking good Magda!

Way to go staying away from the morning tea food - its a nice feeling when you realise you dont want to eat it! My usual tactic is I just dont turn up at morning teas, yes; anti-social, but effective too!!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Hilary xx

Raechelle said...

Well done on resisting the yuck at morning tea! You deserve a pat on the back! Cute pic too!

Magda said...

Thank you for your kind words Theo. Whilst I dont feel gorgeous, I DO feel good and thats a big improvement on things lately.

Cat, I quite surprised myself actually. It was certainly a big breakthrough for me.

Hilary, I've done the not turn up sometimes too but then the left-overs just tempt me all day. Not wanting it was MUCH better.

Raechelle, I know its yuk but by god I DO love it all. Cakes and anything baked (with the exception of most cholcolate things) would be my biggest vices. I would eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner if it didnt make me fat LOL



Lisa said...

Great picture...I don't see anything nasty there at all!! Well done.

You know there is no evidence of the struggles you post about on your face. Maybe they are history?


Magda said...

Thanks Lisa. I have been feeling very good for a few days so I hope the struggles are a thing of the past. Fingers crossed :-)