Thursday, March 27, 2008

DAY 3 - 177 DAYS TO GO

Yep my Training Journal is officially counting up and counting down.

Yesterday was all good with my first bit of training since Fiji. Today I increased my duration and intensity and it felt good. This is just moderate cardio though. Saturday will be my first weight training day with legs scheduled. And boy do they need it. The lack of activity has caused my hammies and glutes to sieze up. Stretching is very painful as is moving around after sitting for extended periods (unavoidable at work).

Diet has been good and I’ve been a bit hungry due to the cooler weather and not being able to just “have a little something when I fancy it”. Its ok though as with every bout of hunger I’m imagining my fat cells being melted away. (I must hold this thought for when the going gets tougher LOL).

Nearly forgot my other BIG NEWS.


Not competing (there’s no way I’d be ready) but cant wait to see all the lovely ladies from Blogland who will be strutting their stuff and those who are going to watch and cheer. I’m really excited about this and I’ll be there with my camera snapping away and soaking up the atmosphere.

I’m keeping this post a bit short but will be back with more soon, including my review of “Taming the Feast Beast” (for Kristy) and my Take 5 (for Stacy).

Cheers guys



Anonymous said...

Well then, you make sure you come and find me and give me a big hug. ;o) xx

Magda said...

You bet I will Lia :-) I cant wait!!



Shar said...

WOW Magda, we will get to meet!!


I think with the amount of bloggers competing and spectating we should hook up a drinks/meal for afterwards?

Shar x

Anonymous said...

COOL! I'm still thinking about coming down that weekend as well :-)

RaeC said...

Awesome news on all fronts both with your own competing decision and coming to Melbourne to see us!!

I am very excited... have booked my flights and holiday leave... it's game on!! xxx