Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok deep down this is what I wanted all along but I was really doubting myself and the fear of failure was holding me back from just plunging in. The reality is that I'm not starting from a good position. I dont have the luxury of a "muscle building phase" followed by a "diet down phase". I have to work on reducing my body fat NOW albeit slowly and steadily so that I dont have to diet to starvation and cardio til I drop as comp day draws closer.
Can I do it?? Only time and my efforts will tell. But I'm going to give it my best shot. One day at a time. One step at a time. And starting NOW!! Lia your brutally honest comment on my last post was JUST what I needed and I truly thank you for slapping me out of my head-in-the-sand mindset. You know the one where its all like "yeah I'll do it tomorrow". Well tomorrow comes and then another day and another and all that time slips by when I could have (should have) been prepping already. Well I started TODAY!!
I have my weight training program that I put together and now I just need to schedule my cardio. Clean my food up and ditch the treats and most importantly BE CONSISTENT. I'm also going to focus more on using NLP to achieve my goals and keep me focussed and moving forward. Plus I will blog my highs and lows and achievements and disappointments as this is the only place I can communicate regularly about comp stuff.
Despits the headcold lurgie still having a hold on me, I'm feeling good about my decision and the next 6 months.
Cheers all Magda


little rene said...

What a relief for you to have finally made a decision! Good luck Magda, you will be fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

Very exciting, i can't wait to follow your journey to the stage.

Anonymous said...

I knew you would, go get 'em tiger! We're a lot alike and that's why I knew what you needed to get you going.

Look at the positives, your one day done in your comp prep already. YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU WILL DO THIS, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES MAGDA!

I'm here for you. If you need me you know where to find me or contact me.

Lia xx

Antigone said...

How wonderful hun :)
Head down bum up & go go GO :)
I am looking forward to sharing your journey hun :)

Magda said...

Thanks Rene. I certainly hope so.

Cat, I'll probably bore you to tears with my trials and tribulations LOL but I agree that it is exciting and cant wait to make some serious progress.

Thanks Lia. I also often marvel at how alike we are so your "shove" was just what I needed. One day down already :-) WOOHOO

Em I'll really have to work for my right to step on stage in a condition I'm happy with this year. All the more rewarding I say.

Thanks guys!!


stacytoby said...

Good on you Magda! I will be there cheering you on!! :)

I'm thinking we need to do a brunch on Sunday, what do you think?

Kek said...

Good for you, Magda! I really think that you've gotta have a goal and commit to it or you can just be forever procrastinating, running round in circles and getting nowhere.

Which comp are you doing?

Combat Girl said...

Proud of you Magda,

I knew you would decide to compete again. You have the bug and you know that you can and will achieve.

I will be here cheering you on and supporting you.


Pip said...

Magda! CONGRATS on your decision!!!

I really look forward to following your journey to this next comp!

GUESS WHAT? I'm joining you, - not to a figure comp, (too much commitment for me at this stage LOL) but to some new goals, a new decision that focus on all round increasing fitness and finance and lowering body fat.

SO I'll be keeping close tabs on you! AND I can't wait to eventually FINALLY get to Hawaii, (of course all fit and fab!) Look forward to your accounts of it next year! Glad you enjoyed Fiji, (I LOVED kayaking round the islands there too!)

katiep said...

Fantastic news - congratulations. I look forward to following your journey.

Raechelle said...

Yay! how fun!
And don't forget-you're not alone...we're all in this together!

Hilary said...

Good on you Magda, I know you'll be fantastic again on stage! Cant wait to follow your journey again!

Hilary xx

Magda said...

Thanks Stacy. Your support and cheering will be much appreciated. I'll email you about Sunday.

Kek, you are so right. I'm not the most "self-motivated" person but when I have a meaningful goal then I know I can put in the hard yards. Plus I hate the thought of failing LOL!! I'll be doing WNBF on 21 September (in Adelaide).

Thanks Theo. I sure do have the bug. Every time I imagined NOT competing I felt really sad and like I had no direction. I know I made the right choice.

Thanks Pip and I wish you success with your new goals and ambitions too. (Gotta look good for Hawaii LOL)

Katie I'm following your journey with great interest so I hope mine goes as well as yours.

Raechelle this blogging community is fantastic. Saved my sanity MANY times last year and I know that when the going gets tough you'll all be there to help me through it.

Thanks Hilary. Dont know about "fantastic" - just aiming for improvement in condition.

Guys a REALLY big thank you again. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends and supporters here in Blogland.



Splice said...

Awesome news Mags :-)
Now you have made a decision and have plenty of time to achieve your goals you will come in really well.
Consistency is the key!
I will be following your progress too :-)
All the best.

Magda said...

Thanks Deb, yes I actaully believe that this year I WILL be more consistent and be able to handle the process better.



Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, you are in almost the same position I was in this time last year. I put on about 10kg between my first lot of shows in November 06 and my birthday in April 07. It took me from April to October to get it all off again (slowly) but if it's any consolation, I did look better in my October 07 show. I had gained some muscle in the process, and as I was dieting slowly, I looked fuller. But that process did give me the motivation to NOT put all that weight on again afterwards. It has been hard, and I think sometimes I've swung the other way - being too cautious about what I'm eating, but I'm starting to achieve some balance now. I see you are going to be at the All Females. I'll be spectating too, so look forward to meeting you then. In the meantime, best wishes for your journey.