Thursday, March 06, 2008


“Have you ever started an exercise program, all guns blazing, and then sabotaged yourself? Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is all about effectively training, or reprogramming the brain so that we can overcome existing limits and fears to create new behavioural choices that will help us in what’s important to us.” Women’s Health and Fitness Vol. 13 No. 11.

This is what grabbed my interest and I’m working with it but from a nutrition perspective. I’ll keep you posted as to how I feel its working, or not. I feel good again today.

Yesterday my copy of “Taming the Feast Beast” arrived and this also looks like a good resource to help me gain control over my eating and stop battling constant weight loss and gain. (A big thanks to Liz for recommending it in another one of my desperate moments).

OK onto lighter stuff as there is more to life than my eating struggles.

We are enjoying another bout of hot weather here in gloriously sunny Adelaide. Some would argue about my use of the word “enjoying” but for me its nothing but!! I’m loving this heat and lapping it up as I know it wont be long before Autumn sets in and then another long, cold winter is right on our doorstep once again.

Earlier this week I was mapping out my training for the week and had decided that I wouldn’t train early this morning as I was teaching a Step class tonight and then I was going to stay and participate in Pump. So why get up early when both cardio and weights would be covered in the evening? But I love training early morning when the weather is warm and its not windy. So up I got and did some run/walk intervals and then some sprint/walk intervals. I felt so good when it was done and yep add tonight’s session and it will make for a BIG training day.

I’ve recently gone off my morning oats a bit. Adding the (much needed) psyllium husks makes the texture a bit unpleasant (think gelatinous) and although I put up with it for a while I’ve decided I’m NOT EATING something I just don’t like. So I’ve been enjoying a protein shake with the psyllium husks added to that and then having natural muesli with diet yogurt. The carbs and protein are fairly well balanced and I’m off-season so I figure its quite an acceptable meal. I do look forward to my Saturday morning treat of the oat/protein pancake with sugar free maple syrup, banana and LSA. A bit high in calories but I always have it after training around mid morning and miss my morning snack so it works out well.

I’m surprisingly calm about teaching again tonight as its been about 9 months since I last strutted my stuff in front of a class. And I haven’t even been going to classes. I’m hoping that the old “its like riding a bike” philosophy just kicks in and all will be well. It’s a “Basic Step” class – freestyle and simple chorey but I always make them work hard – in my book simple doesn’t equal easy. Last night I was trying on different pairs of shorts to see which were more flattering but I also threw a pair of long pants into my gym bag just in case I chicken out. I even spray tanned my legs this morning. Do you sense some vanity or self consciousness coming through there????

Wish me luck folks. I look forward to reporting back.




Raechelle said...

I had to giggle about the spray tan of the legs....I will only wear shorts at the gym when I've used self-tanner too!

Cat said...

Hope this evening goes well.

Lisa said...

I have done a lot of study in the past with NLP - it was life changing for me.

Good luck with it.


Pip said...

All the best for the step class Magda!


Magda said...

Raechelle, every little thing helps when you're not feeling a bit sensitive about body parts. SPRAY TAN TO THE RESCUE I say LOL.

Thanks Cat and Pip. Check out my report.

Lisa, I must admit I thought of you when I read about it. I will be exploring it further for sure.

Cheers all