Sunday, March 23, 2008


I'm still feeling blaaaah :-(
My headcold is making sure I enjoy I nice headache 24/7. My throat is dry (but not too sore thank goodness) and my nose is running. I'm very lethargic and once again havent trained today. Cant bear the thought of running. Rowing is out of the question so it leaves walking or riding the exercise bike ... yawn...NOT INSPIRED. One of the things I want to achieve before the break is over is to work out my new weight training program. Job for tomorrow!!

Today I craved soup. I sometimes used to have the Country Ladle Minestrone or Tomato and Vegetable with Pasta. Loved both of these athough they arent exactly clean food (high in carbs, not much protein and VERY salty). But I didnt have any in my pantry and the shops are closed today. I even thought of making my own minestrone and found a recipe but realised it would take over 2 hours to make and it was 1 o'clock already. WH said "have the mushroom whatever cup-a-soup" to which I quickly replied "thats NOT food". He just gave me a wierd look. I'm happy to say that the packet stayed in the pantry waiting for WH to eat that cr*p in the winter.

After lunch I took some painkillers (something I dont do often) and laid down to give them a chance to work. I ended up sleeping for 2 1/2 hours and woke up feeling no better :-( At least BS is well again today. After a huge sleep yesterday and last night he's all good now.

So not much else to share today as you can tell I'm feling a bit down and sorry for myself. Will go to bed hoping that I wake up feeling good once again.

Cheers all



Shar said...

Hey Magda
Your 2 1/2 hour sleep should do you good, I hope yu wake up in the morning feeling better.

Shar x

Magda said...

Thanks Shar. The wellness fairy has passed me by yet again. Oh well There's always tomorrow.