Sunday, March 30, 2008


OK first up the anniversary dinner was superb.

Calories consumed: WAY too many
Enjoyment derived: very high
Guilt suffered: NONE!!

A big pat on the back to myself for:

1. Not treating Saturday as a "oh I'm eating off plan tonight so I might as well start now (first thing in the morning)" day and
2. Getting straight back into lean and clean eating on Sunday.

These are both big achievements for me :-)

Now for the funny bit. I woke up around 4.30am feeling (understandably) somewhat less than 100% in the tummy. This however I could deal with. What was absolutley killing me though was the DOMS which had already taken over my lower body. My glutes were screaming, my quads were sore and EVERYTHNG from the waist down hurt when I moved. Holey moley, it wasnt even 24 hours since I'd trained. Needless to say I've spent the day dreading all forms of movement, especially getting into and out of the car and using a toilet seat. I'm in agony LOL.

Lastly, today has been all topsy turvy with my BIL due to come over to help WH with some jobs around the house. This he did but I didnt realise SIL would come too and I hadnt planned for it. It really through me out with stuff I was going to do today especially as they ended up staying for dinner. I had to attend a seminar that the WNBF ran today (I had committed to it previously) so that took me out for some time and although I felt a bit bad about it I wasnt going to miss the seminar. The only real ill effect from all this though was that I missed my afternoon snack and had too big a gap between lunch and dinner. I can live with that.

Well I have a little more prep to do before I hit the sack tonight so I wil bid farewell and catch up with everybody's blogs tomorrow as this is my one and only venture onto the computer today..... AMAZING LOL!!

Cheers all



Antigone said...

Don't you just love those leg DOMS but don't you just dread that toilet LOL
I got stuck on the loo once hehe hubby was to busy laughing to help me up :)

Anonymous said...

ouch bad legs DOMS, i hope they have eased slightly today. I usually end up walking around John Wayne style, it's very attractive i'm sure LOL

How did you dads angioplasty go?

Magda said...

Yes Em and Cat, the leg DOMS this time is an absolute killer. I'm not walking well at all. Dad is back in hospital tomorrow Cat. Fingers crossed it all goes well.



Anonymous said...

HEy Magda!

I'm back in blog land :) Gosh i havent done leg weights in over 2 weeks - got to do them this thursday.....god help me and those around me on Friday!! hee hee xx