Thursday, March 06, 2008


Hi all,

just a quick post about my venture back to the gym, back on stage, all miced up (verb of microphone) and ready to rock the 5.30 Basic Step class LOL

I walked on the wild side and dared to bare my legs in shorts. Not totally happy but they were (fake) tanned and I wore my best shorts in terms of the fabric having good hold and being flattering. I arrived early and was ambushed by one of the owners wanting to do a big catch up on the comp stuff + where I'm at today. I had to cut him off so I culd go and set up.

YIKES!! New sound equipment and the other Instructor gave me a 10 xecond lesson on how to use it. It wasnt enough and I had major problems cueing to the tracks I wanted to use. OK but put that aside and the class went well. I slipped into my warm-up like a comfortable pair of old slippers. I was cruising. The step chorey went well and I worked them HARD with lots of crossing the step across the width. I had forgotten how hard it is to keep talking (loudly) while you are also training. We have mics but its still tough on the voice.

Then I was let down BIG TIME. My gym no longer has a Les Mills licence and Body Pump is no longer offered. They have replaced it with a step/aerobics/weights hybrid class the name of which I've forgotten. It was awful. Weight increases on a barbell in very short time, single count moves for small muscle groups with heavy weights and just so much chopping and changing that I almost fell over my barbell and certainly dropped the weight plates. It felt like I spent more time stuffing around with the barbell and plates than I did training. NOT FOR ME!!! I'll stick to training as I know it now.

So will I teach again? Maybe to help them out but I wont be racing back for more just yet. Some of my old regulars were there and it was nice to be welcomed back but I told the boss (again) that I'm not interested in any permanent classes.

So on that note I'll take myself off to bed and look forwardto my (effective) upper body training session tomorrow morning.

G'night all



Raechelle said...

Glad that the night went well with no major dramas!

Anonymous said...

Im glad the class went well. Bummer about the other one.

Anonymous said...

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little rene said...

Good on you for having the guts to teach the class Magda! I have always admired Instructors. You are certainly putting yourself "out there" when you are up on stage leading a class!

Glad to hear it went well :)

LizN said...

I bet your calves are sore after not teaching step for ages. That's what does me in when I teach the odd step class.


Magda said...

Thanks Raechelle and Cat (I'm glad too!!)

Rene I've been retired for 9 months so it was a little scary but it was all good in the end.

Hi Liz, (laughing) yep this afternoon the DOMS started to set in (wearing high heels doesnt help) and they are SORE!! But at least I have good calves. Last year Josh had me doing calf raises coz he just didnt get that my calves got plenty of work from my classes. Waste of time I tell you!!

Cheers from Magda

Antigone said...

Good on you hun :)
Shame about the other clase though nothing worse when you feel your fluffing around and getting no where!
Have a great weeekend hun :)

Magda said...

Thanks Em, you have a great weekend too.