Sunday, March 09, 2008


Our beloved exercise room. It was here that I did most of my weight training for my comps last year. (There is a barbell and extra dumbbells that you cant see.) In this room I achieved, I worried, I rejoiced, I cried, I sweated and I swore. But this where I transformed myself from Fat Girl to Figure Girl (+ lots of outdoor running) ..... so its a pretty special place.

My cruddy exercise bike and our new whiz bang rower (that is WH's favourite exercise toy). Its all a bit of a mess but then its used nearly every day so it should look like people train there. I love this room and I love the "me time" I spend in there. But all too often, BS wanders in while I'm training, picks up the 2kg DBs and lifts with me. Aaaaaah a chip off the old block I say LOL!!

Eeeegads I look awful but I'm proud of this shot. I had just finished a 1 hour + 5 mins cardio session this morning. I've been redder but today I finished with rowing so it wasnt the most intense block of the session. I was feeling GREAT!!
I woke up early today so when it got light(ish) I headed out for some early training. I did a walk/jog warm-up then 12 repeats of 30 sec run / 30 sec walk then 12 repeats of 100m sprint / 100m walk then jog home and 12 mins ss on exercise bike and 12 mins rowing ss (Program 1) on Level 10 (moderate - hard). Cals burned = a smidge over 500. (Punching the air to the tune of Eye of the Tiger).
We went out for breakfast to The Store in Melbourne Street North Adelaide and I had portugese rye bread toasted with grilled gypsy ham, scrambled eggs + roasted tomatoes with basil pesto. It was to die for :-) It was a big serve and I ate most of it but that'll keep me going for a good many hours so not a lot of damage done (me thinks). Dinner will be a basil/chilli/chicken stir fry and lunch ... well not sure if I'll need it as such. (Will certainly wait til I'm hungry before I eat again.)
Scale weight had dropped a bit more this morning so am now a smidge over 66 and I LIKE IT!!!
Have a great day guys.


Kristy said...

Great to see your back into training Magda. Today is my day to get back on track with food, but won't get to gym until Tuesday morning. How do you like the heat? I don't have air-con so very very hot :)

Have a great long weekend

Magda said...

Hi Kristy. I LOVE this heat but I have AC at home so I have no right to complain. I trained at 6.40 this morning and it was already pretty hot but I loved every minute of the sweaty workout. (Much better than cold windy mornings me thinks!!)



Anonymous said...

I love your home gym it looks great. Well done on an awesome workout.

Antigone said...

What a lovely energy charged post hun :)
I have to say I didn't notice your red face hun I was blown away by what looks like a lovely pair of shoulders you have LOL
Have a great sunday arvo hun :)

Raechelle said...

Great attitude! good for you!

Magda said...

Hi Cat, yes our little home gym isnt too bad considering how little it cost to set it up. I used to go to the gym once a week to train back and "heavy" legs (leg press, squat machine etc) and thats all.

Yes Em, God did bless me with a pretty decent set of shoulders. I've always been really proud of them.

Magda said...

Yes Raechelle I'm in a MUCH better place than I have been lately.

Thanks guys :-) Magda

LizN said...

You look gorgeous Magda, in all of your photos - really well :) I've also put up some non comp pics as well - think it helps to see that we don't stay uber lean year round.