Friday, February 29, 2008


Today is the last day of February and an extra day at that, being a leap year. Whilst I don’t want to wish my life away I’m more than happy to kiss this month goodbye. I started with big goals and great intentions but the wheels fell off for me and it turned out to be an awful time, in the main, for me.

So I’m looking at tomorrow as a new beginning. A new month, a new season hopefully a new era. I’m not making any grand promises or setting challenging goals that will stress me and set me up for failure. But I’m looking for improvement. Better food choices and eating habits. Regular training. Moderation . A positive and happy outlook.

Whilst I don’t like the weight I’ve gained, I accept it and I know that if I achieve what I set out to do then it’ll come down again. I know that to dwell on the past is counter-productive so I’m looking forward.

How are you approaching the new season?




little rene said...

Well obviously I am crapping my pants at the thought of getting this kid out! LOL!

But I am really glad to hear that you are working through everything Magda! Good for you! One meal at a time, one workout at a time :)

Kristy said...

I'm approaching the new season as you are. Positive, happy and by organising running events to train for and look forward to...

Raechelle said...

Glad you're in a good head space-good way to start the month-God-March already! I've started off the new season by doing a super big clean out of my clothes and drawers-and it all goes to the Red Cross shop.

Combat Girl said...

I turn 35 this autumn so I am going to do it with style and looking FABULOUS!!


Kek said...

Hope the rest of the year is wonderful to make up for the crappy first bit.

As for the weight gain, remember that it's 'only' fat - the important thing is that your hard-earned muscle is still right there underneath. All you have to do is slowly whittle away the soft coating to reveal the 'hard centre'.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe 2moro is autumn, where is the time going???

Im just aiming to be positive and happy. I hope that everything else can be conquered if i can just smile

Have a great weekend

Antigone said...

That's a great question cause I haven't really thought about?
I guess it marks the time that I really have to nail myself down and get into eating even cleaner I have just over a month till my goal comes to light!

I hope this new beginning bring to you all that you want cause you deserve it :)

When I look at my weight I always remind myself that it wont be that next time, and that everyday I am getting a step closer and you know what its working :)
You can do this hun :)

Pip said...

Bummer, - goodbye summer! It's my fav season!

Anyway, first things first I have a wedding to attend tomorrow 1 March! AWESOME! Otherwise I will go day by day, week by week using the same self control I've managed the last 47 days. I'm working toward getting my debt paid off, upping my fitness and reaching my initial target of 68kg, (only 4-5kg away!) Some controlled fun and new cheap experiences along the way are planned, - keep tuned!


Magda said...

Rene we are crapping our pants for/with you too LOL!! Cant wait to meet your little one.

Kristy I'm glad things are looking up for you too.

Raechelle I should do the same in my son's room.

CG from what I've been reading lately you will be FABULOUS on your 35th birthday. GO GIRL!!

Kek, I've probably lost a bit of my "hard centre" but hopefully not too much. There's a fair bit of soft coating to work off though.

Sound great Cat.

Keep up your good work Em and you will get there.