Monday, February 25, 2008


What sets apart a winner from some-one who plugs away but never makes real progress?

Why do some people succeed at making permanent changes to their lives while others make short-lived changes and then revert back to their old ways?

How can mindsets and beliefs be challenged to the point where they are changed?

How often do we sit down, take stock and decide that things need to change? So we plan our strategy, decide on our course of action and away we go improving ourselves, our lives. Then at some point down the track we slip up, we fall over and whoa its all too hard and we give up until its time to sit down, take stock and decide that things need to change.

Sound familiar??

This is the rut I’m trying to break out of.

OK I’ve achieved some big things in my life:
Good job with travel around the state and physical evidence of what I do/produce.
With WH I adopted a beautiful boy from South Korea.
I’ve travelled extensively both overseas and within Australia.
I own a beautiful home (well in partnership with the bank LOL) and have a nice car.
Training for, competing and winning in my first Figure Comp last year.

Now the next thing I want to add to my list of achievements is to make clean, healthy eating and regular training a lifetime commitment.

Not for a few days, a few weeks, until its holiday time or until I’m feeling stressed/bored/frustrated/anxious etc but for a lifetime. (Oh and then to just shut up and get on with it and not feel like I deserve a medal because I’m doing it).

That’s where I want to be.

Where are you and where do you want to be?



Antigone said...

Hun That post is amzing!
It really got me thinking (got to love that) and it's also wonderful to see how many wonderful and positive things are in your life :)
Congratulations hun :)

Kristy said...

Magda I started answering this here, but it got too big so I created my own post on my blog.

You are in a great spot Magda and I know you will get there as I am slowly getting to that spot myself. I thought once I stopped dieting I would end up huge, but I put on about 8 kg's and now it is coming off again, without trying!

Well done :)

Kie said...

great post Magda (:
Kie xx

Cat said...

I used to think that i could only be happy and successful when i got to a certain place, or when i accomplished a certain thing. If i didnt get their in the time frame i had set i was mad and i felt lost and i despaired at the state of my life. I felt i was on completely the wrong path and i felt deflated and a failure. I learned that i had to live each day as it comes and just be the best person i can be and try my hardest each day. It has been very difficult but now i finally feel like im on the right path and where i am supposed to be, because i know that i tried my best every second of every day. Life has a habit of changing and trying to throw each of us of course but so long as we do the best we can with what we have we are succeeding in life.

You have accomplised so many things to be proud of, you inspire me to keep being the best version of myself that i can be. Thanx :-)

Magda said...

Hi Em, sometimes we need to acknowledge our achievements instead of just focussing on our struggles. I'm glad you enjoyed that post.

Kristy I read your post and made a comment there. Keep up your great work. You'll make it, I know.

Thanks Kie.

Thats good advice Cat. I've had many days where I havent given my best and its time to change that.

Thanks guys


little rene said...

Excellent post Magda!

I am exactly where I want to be at the moment but a few months after the birth of my baby I am hoping to be resembling my "before" shot a little more!

I want to find a balance that will allow me to be the best mother and wife that I can be, then ease back into my career and all the while maintain a balance with eating and exercise.

I am sure to stumble along the way but just like you I will persevere :)

Raechelle said...

I've been asking myself this week as well-(thanks to my TOM-that does seem to happen!) Physically I'm right where I want to be-and feel good about it. Mentally-hubby and I have choices and need to narrow them down-we have been floundering for a while and just can't decide what we want to do. So, besides my comp in september-all else is up for grabs I guess! So-in answer to your question-"where do you want to be"-I don't know!

Magda said...

Rene, you have such a great attitude that I'm sure you'll achieve everything you want after the baby is born.

Raechelle, being in that "I dont know" phase can be so unsettling. I hope you sort things out and make those decisions soon.