Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all the lovely comments about my Championship photos.

I'm still in a funny place with things diet wise, prep wise and just with my overall attitude. Trying to sort through some stuff but life gets in the way. I'm sure it'll pass soon.
My trip went well today. I visited one of SA's poorer socio-economic areas and it was a real eye-opener as I hadnt been to this place for several years (apart rfom 18 or so months ago for a brief visit). I arrived a bit early so I parked in a shopping centre car park and treated myself to a nice coffee before my meeting. As I walked to and from my car and whilst in the coffee shop I was stared at like I was an alien. (I guess to them I was!!) It made me really self conscious and uncomfortable. After my meeting I grabbed some lunch and hit the road to come home. I'd seen enough and was looking forward to the end of the day.
Well its late again and once again I'm just not up to blogging about my "funny place" so I will sleep on it and look for answers there.
Good night all


Pip said...

GREAT photos below! AWESOME! I must say they are FANTASTIC!

Not that I've ever trained for a comp but I do gather, (don't know details of course) the pre comp diet is very strict, such as eliminating all FRUIT cause of natural sugar and most carbs except for oatmeal etc. Not to even start on the training. Don't know if I could do it!

For tea tonight I had a mix and match plate with about 130g lean skinless chicken, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, a carrot, chopped fine red onion rings, 1 small raw nectarine and peach both cut up and topped with 100g grapes, (fruit as the carb source and it was a meal I was hungry for) and am satisfied with it as success toward my current fitness and fatloss goals. It tasted great!

I bet after being so strict for the comp training, eating healthy everyday foods such as even low GI fruit, a slice of wholegrain bread etc which most of the population consider 'good choices' must be hard to do!

Love your blog, you're a legend!


Magda said...

Thanks Pip,

yes the diet leading up to comp is strict but Josh did allow most vegetables / salad and I varied my meals a lot to minimise boredom. I also fell off the diet wagon MANY times but picked myself up and kept moving towards my end goal.

The hardest thing about post-comp is finding a balance that resembles normality. I'm still looking so when I find it I'll let you know LOL!!