Saturday, February 02, 2008


Over the last few days most of my time has been spent gathering information about my potential career change. I cant help it that I want as much info as quick as possible to help us make a decision that will undoubtedly be life-changing for us. I dont want to sound melodramatic but it is that significant.

So on Thursday I had lunch with a friend who works in this industry and while he talked I listened and asked questions in my thirst for knowledge. I've made several phone calls to various people and sat and calculated a heap of critical info. Last night WH and I had a couple of drinks with dinner and the conversation flowed (as it needed to). At the end of it I said " so the door is still open?" (knowing how difficult this change will be) to which WH replied "yes its open and you've got one foot in already".

At the risk of repeating myself yet again I will say that its scary and exciting - but hey if you dont live on the edge you are taking up too much space LOL.

Now onto things other than careers. Through all this I have trained consistently of which I'm very proud. I have settled into my new program quickly and in my 2nd upper body session I already (unknowingly) increased my weights in one exercise. GO ME!! I'm loving my cardio especially variations on running/jogging/sprinting. From somebody who wasnt very fond of anything that resembled running (and for ages I just maintained my trusty old "Cliff Young Shuffle") I'm now quite happy with my running ability and rarely dread heading out for a run of some sort. Its only when the weather is crap that I dont feel good running.

Diet has suffered a bit but instead of dissolving into a "woe is me I've stuffed up again" headset I've just picked myself up and today has been great. In fact I woke up feeling a bit ordinary (read that awful!!) ... you know when you havent eaten clean (too many carbs and fats), topped off with a cointreau (yummo!!) and a glass of wine and being woken up early ..... but decided that I would NOT spend the day moping around feeling sorry for myself. So I decided to CARPE DIEM (sieze the day) and started faking that I was feeling good and before long I was bouncing around without effort. By the time I headed out for my morning cardio I felt great and really enjoyed the half hour intense session. Follow it up with a clean and healthy breakfast, washing well under way and grocery shopping to tackle and there was no stopping me.

Poor WH though is not feeling good so we skipped going to the movies today and I have another date with trusty old Blogger tonight LOL. Never mind its good to catch up as I havent been near the computer much over the last few days.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Stay tuned for more in my ever-changing world.

Cheers all



Anonymous said...

I love the term Carpe Diem. I think you are doing the right thing trying a new career, if its something you have thought about for awhile. You seem to have the full support of your family which is fantastic. I hope the transition from old to new career is a smooth and easy one for you. You are a wonderfully determined and focused person and i think you will excell in everything you try.

Cant wait to hear all about your new journey.


Magda said...

Thanks Cat,

its not in the bag yet because it will come with a high level of risk so we are talking things through which is great.

For as much as I'm a "head in the clouds dreamer" Cancerian my husband is an "assess, evaluate and plan everything" Virgo. I guess we complement each other though.


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, good luck with your career change. Must be that time of the year as I know a few people (me included) who are considering their options at the moment.