Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Starting this with a huge sigh .....

...... as you know I've been in a funny place this week with things not being on track for me. I've tried hard to stay ok about it all thinking "it'll pass and all will be good again" but it just wasnt happening. Its only through the exchange of a couple of emails with Liz that I understand whats going on and feel ready to tackle it HEAD ON.

I've always been honest about the struggles I have with food whether I'm in comp prep, off season or just trying to live a normal life. At this point you may well be thinking "yeah we all know so just build that bridge and get over it" - I often feel that way myself. But I also know that some of you have the same or very similar issues and sharing what we know and how we deal with our personal challenges may just help somebody else. I certainly hope so. I'd like to share some of the advice given to me by Liz just recently.

"..... your “Feast Beast” (is) telling you some huge sob story that you’re “gonna miss out if you don’t have any of that yummy pizza” and “heck, because I’ve just “sinned” and chowed down this pizza, I may as well go whole hog all afternoon and send accountability out the window”. When your inner Beast grabs hold of you and tells you those things, you’ve developed a pattern where you’ll listen to anything it tells you to. It’s actually telling you a huge lie – that eating junk food is the only way to happiness for Magda and when you see it written like that, it’s so embarrassingly obvious this isn’t the case at all"

"You’re succumbing to the belief that once you develop a pattern you keep it with you for life. ... At some point you’re believing that by continuing this behaviour, it is again giving you comfort. This is your Beast telling you another big fat lie. What if you told it that you were on to it and immediate gratification with crap isn’t leading to your long term contentment. Tell it you’re no longer going to buy into that game. Yeah the Beast will win some rounds, but keep punching and it’s you that comes out on top."

So its time to fight back and not let that FB win. Yes there are times when she is strong and fierce but I can be too. So with this knowledge and a bit of a strategy for handling the difficult situations I may just win a few rounds. Thats certainly what I'm aiming for :-)

Cheers all



Cat said...

I love this advice, its awesome and empowering. We are all behind you as you take it on and you WILL win.

Love the rest of the pics you put up by the way. I find them very inspiring.

Magda said...

Thanks Cat,

Liz also recommended a book "Taming the Feast Beast" through so I'll be sourcing that out too.



little rene said...

The photos are beautiful Magda! I hope you are really proud of what you achieved :)

Good luck taming the Feast Beast! I have had problems with her in the past as well. She is a nasty bitch!

ali said...

Awesome advice there Magda, the book sounds good, let us know what you think once you've read it.

Have a great weekend

Ali xxx