Thursday, February 28, 2008


Last year in a fit of boosted self confidence and self esteem I had an overwhelming urge to leave my secure project management job in the government and try my hand as a Real Estate Sales Agent. I was convinced that I had what it took to be successful and I so craved an exciting and challenging career change.

I didn’t pursue it then but circumstances earlier this year meant that I now could and even my WH was supporting me in this endeavour. (His initial reaction had NOT been positive!!). So I started to find out all I could about the Real Estate world and what the life of a Sales Agent was really like. I have a friend in RE and he told me heaps but I also met with RE recruitment and training people and franchise owners. I really did my home-work.

I found out about the good (potential earnings) the bad (realistic earnings when you start out) and the downright ugly (cold-calling, door-knocking, rejections, the possibility of no earnings if you don’t secure listings and I have more that I could add to that list). Then there was all the personal stuff like how it would affect my family and I eventually came to the decision that I wouldn’t do it.

It took weeks of feeling good and positive about it and then swinging to having lots of doubts and second thoughts before I realised that I had to (wanted to) put my family first and not subject us all to such financial stress and uncertainty. Add to that the evening and weekend work and I knew deep down that it wouldn’t sit well with my WH and my BS needs me at those times.

I’m a smidge disappointed (about 5%) but I’m 95% really happy and comfortable with the decision I made. Further to this, WH and I talked about how I could work towards being better at my current job, how to get more satisfaction from it and what other job opportunities I could pursue within government. I’m feeling good about that and I’m making myself come to work with an improved attitude.

Now that this decision has been made I don’t feel so lost and drained and in a constant state of upheaval. I’m hoping that this reflects positively on other areas of my life. I have some other decisions to make (to compete this year or put it off to next year) but I’m going to give myself some time to just see how things pan out and how I really feel about it.

Bring on some happier times. I’m ready.

Cheers all



Anonymous said...

I think you are very wise sticking with the familiar but looking at other ways to spice it up a bit. My husband looked at going into real estate about 18months ago but in the end we decided there was too much risk involved for us. But boy it was a tough decision to make, because they give you these really attractive figures and then as an after thought mention all the negatives.

Raechelle said...

I feel for you...I think most women in their 40's go through this in some shape or form-my mom ended up having a love affair-but that ended and she is still with my's very common-whether it's a change of career or partner. I know that I'm going through similar feelings-but fortunately, hubby is going through similasr stuff-and we are having to make these decisions together-we've been in this spot for a while-but I think we may have come to a fun decision.
Sorry-I digress-my point is-the age of 40 something has many choices and this can be good or bad depending on how you play it.
hmmmm-was there a point there?
Glad you are happy with you decision-that's really the most important thing-to be happy!

Magda said...

Cat I'm viewing the job a bit like a marriage. Just because it gets a bit ho-hum-hum-drum it doesnt mean you jump into a divorce. If the foundation is good then fix the cracks and soldier on. The grass isnt always greener etc.

Raechelle, you've hit the nail on the head about the 40s. You certainly start to view life diffrently and start asking yourself lots of questions. It was after I turned 40 that I really wanted to achieve stuff I'd only dreamt of before (or hadnt even thought of before). I hope to go on achieving stuff which I know is important for my happiness. As for the love affair (LOL!!!) who has the time or the energy when comp prep takes up such a huge chunk of your life?? :-)

Thanks guys


Kristy said...

It can be a really tough decision regarding work, but you really did your homework and investigated it thouroghly. Well done on working through it and I can imagine how you feel. I have gone through the same thing often with my career...

Magda said...

Hi Kristy, yep we all want to be happy at work but the reality is that there will always be days/times when it just sucks. I just felt this was not the right time to make such a drastic change that had so many risks attached it.