Friday, February 08, 2008


I have a friend who works in the industry into which I'm thinking of changing careers. Last night he came over for dinner and a chat about his work and what to expect as a newbie to the game. It was very good to learn more and be better prepared for what will lie ahead if I do go through with the change. The only problem was that he stayed until almost midnight by which stage I had absolutely no interest in anything he was saying and all I could think was "GO HOME I'M TOO TIRED TO STAY UP ANY LONGER!!"

Hence ths morning I slept in til 7 (luckily I was having the day off) and then it was a mad rush to be out the door at 8 to take BS to school. As I was in the shower my plans for the day changed (my friend Miss G cancelled lunch) so I arranged to catch up with another friend Miss E before I did my shopping.

Now Miss E is my best friend and a one on one session like today can take up some time. Well we met at 9.15 and had breakfast and got talking. Then we had a 2nd coffee each and kept talking. A little later she had a juice, I had my 3rd coffee and yep you guessed it, still talking LOL. At 12 o'clock I said "if we keep going any longer we better find a lunch venue and keep talking there". But alas we both had jobs to do and we parted with a "gee that was a great catch-up. We must do that again."

OMG I spent the rest of the day in a mad rush to get all my jobs done (none of which were at home) and even had to resort to lunch from a drive thru as I had so little time before I had to pick BS up from school.

So in summary today I:

  • missed training
  • ate no protein for breakfast
  • didnt have anywhere near 2 litres of water
  • had fast food for lunch after having no food for 5 hours
  • had wine with dinner .... GO ME....NOT!!!!

On the up-side though my WH and I are really thrashing this through and looking at it from every angle which is very important. Tonight he questioned whether I had the mental toughness, the internal steel and drive to push through the hard times that will inevitably come with this job. I believe I have but I want to demonstrate it to him before we make the decision to jump in. I'd like to know what you think I could/should do to show him that I have it in me. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated .... I guess I'm looking for a bit of a personal challenge, an avenue through which to set myself a goal/challenge and achieve it (although not one over a long time frame so we can make final decision sooner rather than later).

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Cheers all



Anonymous said...

Does it have to be physical or mental or both?

One physical one that comes to mind which usually pushes most people out of their comfort zone is a triathlon in some shape or form. There are a few around in each of the states that arent very long so wouldnt need months and months of training. I say a tri because there is always one leg of it that each competitor hates and feels very challenged mentally and physically to complete.

Mental challenges could be some sort of study for a certificate. They range from 1 month long to entire semesters.

You have also already proved how committed you are to tasks that you have set your heart on. Stepping onto that figure stage last year showed that.

Hope that helps even a little :-s

Raechelle said...

Husbands sometimes seem to want to hold on to the image of the woman that they first met and have trouble with her growing and changing. You're husband seemed to have a little struggle with you getting into the figure competing, but you showed him that you were passionate and serious about it-and it seems to have altered his firstly there is an example right there that shows him you are up to the task (as Cat pointed out) :) and I suppose just express your passion for this career change as well and he will most likely come around eventually.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda,
Thanks for your comments in my blog. Much appreciated.
I think preparing for your comps last year shows you have mental toughness and drive!
Hope it all pans out for you.

Antigone said...

I think organisation and preperation is key! And most of all time management I think if you can demostrate these things to hubby he will start to see and understand that rerally want it and that you have the drive and commitment and that you have what it takes :)
If you want it you can make it happen :)
Have a great week hun:)

Magda said...

Thanks for your comments and tips guys. There are many wise words and good suggestions there. In hindsight I just wonder if this is the right approach.