Friday, November 02, 2007


You know I honestly dont know.

But here are some of the things that challenge me:

Many years ago when I was a teenager struggling with my weight, my doctor (who knew me really well) said I was an "all or nothing person". I've found that to be quite true. Most of my life has been spent either dieting or feasting. There's not much in between for me. I want it but that "middle ground" just keeps slipping out of my reach.
Commitment: is it where it should be or is it fluffing around in lala land?

Deep down I havent convinced myself that I can get on top of this. I know what to do. I believe it'll work for me yet I constantly sabotage my efforts and do the opposite of what I plan. I use affirmations at various times and sometimes that works for me but not always.
Consistency: If it works then do it and keep doing it.

Man I've eaten some SERIOUS crap this week :-( I'm not feeling very good both physically and mentally. The size 9 jeans are tight and ..... well I could go on and on but I'll spare you the whinge. IT IS NOW ABSOLUTELY TIME TO REIGN IT IN, STOP THE "WOE IS ME ATTITUDE" AND FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES OF HEALTHY EATING AND REGULAR TRAINING.
Crap food + little exercise = fat + unhappy Magda
Good healthy food + effective exercise = lean + happy Magda
So which will it be?

I've been a bit slack in getting my new training program up and running but will endeavour to do so soon, along with my November goals (which start with cutting the crap food NOW).

G'night all



Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to you here Magda. I'm exactly the same, it's all or nothing. I'd spent this year working through these issues with my sports psychologist to only have this eliminination diet contribute to sending me back to the beginning. It's frustrating because we know what needs to be done but doing it is the really challenging part. I feel your pain and you're not alone. xx

Shar said...


I have emailed you to your private e mail address (not your work one.)

Speak oon
Stay Strong

Shar x

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, I am an all or nothing person too. I either exercise constantly or not at all; eat well or start eating crap and can't stop. Often it's when I stop exercising that I start eating the crap, which makes me feel even worse about myself. The great thing about working towards, going through and dealing with the aftermath of a competition is that you learn a lot about yourself, and you can use that information to put strategies in place to help you deal with those situations the next time round. For me I know that it's best to try and make clean eating (with the occasional treat) and consistent exercise a lifestyle, not something that I do for 12 weeks before a show. I've learned which foods make me 'feast' and avoid having them in the house. If they are around I make a conscious decision not to eat them as I know what will happen once I start - I won't be able to stop, then I'll feel bloated and guilty for doing it to myself. But the worst thing is that I know it erodes my self-control even further. Once I've done it I'm more likely to do it again within a short time frame, regardless of how it made me feel first time round. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I try and choose behaviours that will help me feel good about myself. Hopefully you will be able to too.

Pip said...

I empathize with you strongly Magda, - I'm the same, - wanna stop it so bad but haven't yet!

I know WHAT to do, - still yet to do it!