Friday, November 09, 2007


I felt it starting last night. You know that feeling that whispers at you "look out those muscles are going to HURT". And sure enough this morning they did. Glutes, quads (front + side), hammies arent too bad but the rest are very sore. I love this feeling coz it means I did a good workout.

Today I was itching to train again so I hit chest/tris and only eased back on some of the weights slightly. After the session was over I had that nice tight feeling through my arms and I could swear that my quads were showing through again today :-)

What I thought would be a danger-day for eating didnt turn out that way at all. You see every Friday our floor gets together for a morning tea which a small group is rostered to provide. On a good day there'll be some fruit and a few other remotely healthy odds and ends but its usually 90%+ junk food. Often I find that if I indulge, I just cant stop and end up scoffing heaps of the crap on offer. Lucky me!! Today I got caught up on a call and by the time I made it to morning tea most of the food had gone and the left-overs didnt look too appealing. Plus a planned trip to the Adelaide Central Market (another serious danger zone) didnt eventuate as I was just too busy at work. So we have no fish for next week BUT I also missed out on having to resist all the ACM goodies.

So thats the working week over and 5 days of pretty clean and healthy eating in the bag. Weekends can be a bit more challenging but I'm approaching it with a quiet determination to keep things positive and moving forward.

Have a great weekend guys and cheers from



Anonymous said...

Weekends are challenging for me too, maybe if we blog how we're both tracking it'll make us more accountable and hopefully start breaking that non-beneficial cycle of ours. :o)

Anonymous said...

How's your weekend going so far, are you on track?