Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Please feel free to skip my post today. I'll understand if you dont want to get immersed in my negativity.

Yesterday I was still in my negative rut. I wrote this in my daily summary in my Training Journal.

"In all honesty I feel stuck in a negative rut. I seem to have lost my belief in myself – my motivation – my dedication to doing the right things.
I’m sick of dieting.
I’m sick of being 100% obsessed with what to eat / what not to eat.
I'm sick of this Groundhog Day cycle that has always taken hold of my life. - You know the one: Diet/eat well, lose weight; Do a 180 degree turn, eat crap, gain weight; repeat over and over like a mouse in a cage with nowhere else to go"
I have some major issues to sort out right now.
But worst of all I’m feeling fat and bloated and I’m terrified that my lovely slim and toned body will disappear any day now."

Thanks Stacy and Hilary for your supportive comments. Yes I probabaly need one huge vent/rant to get it all off my chest and then be able to move on. Hilary I have tried self hypnosis before and had some success with it. Perhaps after I've dumped my frustrations I'll be more open to taking positive steps forward.


PS I think thats the vent/rant I needed.

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Anonymous said...

You vent away Magda. What you're going through and experiencing is nothing short of normal for a first year competitor although I wish that it wasn't. It's neigher pleasant or beneficial for our psychological well being.

But the more that we share the better in my opinion. Better out than in I say.

We can certainly help you with all the information and support that you need. But have you also considered getting professional help like me, for me personally it has been ground breaking and although I'm not there yet I have pretty much all the tools I need in my toolbox. It's juts applying them now on a day to day basis.

Email me anytime sweetheart, seriously I am here for you 24/7. you're not alone as long as I'm alive.

You can do this, I know and believe that you can Magda. And I'm proud of you for being so honest and talking about it on my blog too. That takes guts girl.

Luv Lia xx