Saturday, November 17, 2007


Hi all,

its Saturday arvo and I'm just home from helping my mum do her Xmas shopping. Its only mid November and already the local Westfield is like a brothel on a free night LOL!! We are tackling in ours in 2 weeks time so imagine what it'll be like then :-( At least we are taking a Friday off work and doing it all in one foul swoop. We're then going to treat ourselves to a lovely Malaysian lunch at one of our fave eateries. We will feel like we'd earnt that treat!!

Mum and I had a nice lunch out with a glass of wine and a long talk. We are really close but with busy lives (well me mainly) and a BS who invariably is the centre of attention, its hard for mum and I to spend quality time together. Days like today are therefore precious.

Tonight we are going to our bosses place for pre-Xmas drinks. Yes WH and I work in the same place and as he is a Manager there, he (and therefore we) get to hobnob with the "management crowd" - woohoo (insert sarcastic tone). No its all good. Our boss is a lot of fun and I expect it to be a good night. Anyways I'm on driving duty so I have to behave and I've reminded WH that he cant afford to disgrace himself either if he (Mr Everything Right Virgo) ever would :-)

Then tomorrow the Adelaide Figure Girls are meeting for lunch. Stay tuned for that report + photos. I cant wait :-)

Cheers all and have a fantastic weekend.


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