Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hi all,

we had a fantastic get-together today. I was having such a good time with all the talk, laughter and food that I didnt get a chance to take any pics. Sorry. Will get some next time. It was so good to just talk training, competing and training, competing with people who share the same interest and passion for the sport. Nobody in my other circle of friends could put up with that sort of conversation for that long. There are some things that only certain people understand.

So its been a hugely social weekend with its fair share of eating and drinking. On a positive note I can say that although I drank on 3 days this week (I usually limit myself to 2) I only ever had a couple of drinks at a time which is very good for me. I'm not even craving more. Eating wise ..... well I could have/should have eaten less at times but I enjoyed what I had and like last weekend, I'm not beating myself up over it. I feel like I'm treading water .... not improving or moving forward but not sinking either. Right now thats sitting ok with me.

Training has been good with a cardio session on the rower yesterday and a chest/tris session this morning followed by 30 mins on the ex bike. Still undecided if I'll train early tomorrow (I dont usually on Mondays) but the mornings are so nice now with the hotter weather that its a shame to waste them.

Cheers all



stacytoby said...

yeah how good was lunch - i forgot to take pics too!!!!

Looking forward to the next one already!!!!! :)

Ali said...

Great you had such a good time at your lunch, and my friends can only deal with so much 'comp' talk as well, of course unless their into it as well.

Have a great week and keep positive treading water is much better than going backwards

Ali xxx

Splice said...

It's great to see you enjoying life and being happy and stress free in relation to food.


P.s. Still no photo's here. Did you order any?