Thursday, November 15, 2007


Hmmm what to write about today??

Training: sprint session this morning. AWESOME!!

Nutrition: all on track. Big pat on the back for not devouring a heap of junk in between getting home and feeling hungry and having dinner MUCH later as WH was travelling back from the country. I raided the pickled veges, had a few mouthfuls (yummy cold and sour!!) and then waited for WH to get home so we could eat steak and veges together :-)

Weight check: WINNER WINNER!! The scales are still down where they were last Friday (even though they would have been up a bit after the weekend) so I'm still happy.

How am I feeling about myself? Pretty good actually. I've faced some challenges this week and I've handled them well. Nothing earth shattering but add up all the little things and they make a BIG difference.

I have tomorrow off and will be enjoying the company of my BS as we tend to chores such as grocery shopping with some fun thrown in (visit to Gloria Jeans for a coffee for me and a biscuit for him, lunch out somewhere) and a catch up with a friend + some business as well. In the afternoon my BS does Aussie Hoops (basketball skills) which is a challenge getting him to participate but its worth it when he does.

I'm hoping to blog tomorrow as I have a big busy and social weekend coming up and I dont want to fall in a heap with my progress past comp phase.

Take care all and stay tuned



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stacytoby said...

Hi magda,

See you sunday - looking forward to it!