Monday, November 26, 2007


Last week I promised to keep blogging "warts and all" even though I was tempted to stay away if/when things werent going well for me.

On Friday night I had big plans and the best intentions to clean up my eating and get back on track. Saturday afternoon spent in a play cafe with millions of screaming kids running feral soon fixed that intention. (NOTE: If you are contemplating whether or not to have children, AVOID PLAY CAFES AT ALL COSTS!!!! ) My BS had a fantastic play while I slowly went around the bend from the noise and excessive activity around me. On the way home we stopped at our local cafe so I could chill out with a coffee....and an almond biscuit. It was basically downhill from there on.

So I sit here tonight and as much as I want to turn things around, I'm stuck in a negative quagmire. For some reason I'm overcome with self doubts and a "losing attitude". I need to break out of this but I just cant seem to gain any forward momentum. I would love to indulge in a day or two of just "me-time" but thats out of the question this week....well maybe not. Maybe I should just make it my number one priority and bugger the stuff I'm putting ahead of it.

Will think about this some more.

Cheers all



stacytoby said...

Hi Magda,

we all have moments like this, its the reflection of these moments that make the difference. Just let all those feelings and concerns out, it helps so much! Since chatting to 'the figure gals' at lunch the other week I have fought off staff afternoon tea, dad begging me to eat cake, choc mint chip ice cream and all sorts of other nasties. Reflection is a wonderful thing. We're here to hear about it all, and give you some advice :) Happy to help you out in any way I can :)


Hilary said...

Magda I definetely struggle with this too at times, and it must be much harder when you're on the other side of a comp. Have you tried meditation or hypnosis? I get a lot out of positive self talk too - but its something I have to constantly work on (it doesn't come naturally!!).

Sending you a big cyber-hug!

Hilary xx