Monday, November 12, 2007


Last night when I went to bed I spent a bit of time thinking over how I had handled the weekend in terms of my training and nutrition.

Training: 100% spot on. I achieved what I had planned to do :-)

Nutrition: My wins were:

Moderating my alcohol intake - especially on Saturday night in a big social setting where normally I would have easily had 7-8 drinks (over several hours) but I think I had 3-4. Happy with that. I find I'm no longer enjoying large amounts of alcohol and stopping after 3 or 4 drinks is quite easy. Plus I'm only having alcohol twice a week and often not even having as many as the 3-4 drinks.

Lunch out on Saturday. I ordered a small gourmet yiros pizza and only ate til I was satisfied. WH had a piece and then when he saw I was leaving some -and after giving me a fair bit of grief about it :-( he finished off what I left. I mean honestly...we are NOT 5 years old where we have no choice but to finish everything on our plate!!!!!!

Good healthy clean breakfasts on both days + a healthy lunch on Sunday.

Where I could have done better was with how much I ate Saturday night, the freshly baked cookies indulgence on Sunday arvo + my addiction to the crusts of fresh bread.

But you know what, instead of lying there and beating myself up over this, I just admitted I could have done better and then let it go. I did think of ways to better manage some of these situations in future and will give them a go when the situation arises again. Enough said about that.

Eats have been good today (I knew they would be) and tonight I trained back and abs at home. A short but hard session which I think I'll feel tomorrow :-)

Cheers all and thank you Charlotte, Little Rene, Splice and Lia for taking the time to see how I'm going and leave encouraging comments. I'm slowly learning to give myself more credit for what I've achieved and what I'm capable of. And I'm working on not beating myself up over (relatively insignificant) mistakes. This journey is a great learning process and I'm an eager and interested student.



kerryware said...

Woo Hoo Magda,

Well done, now you're over the bump in the road! I knew you could do it!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hey Magda, sounds like you are learning to listen to your body when it's telling you it's had enough alcohol or food, and that's great. As long as you are eating good things most of the time, and consistently exercising, you will be fine. Cheers, Charlotte