Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Today I had lunch with the beautiful Miss Kerry who I competed against in the WNBF show. Whilst we have a lot in common (both trained with Josh Dickinson last year, married, kids, jobs, so much to do so little time etc) in some ways we are like chalk and cheese.

Kerry is the picture of happiness. She has gained a little weight (not enough by her accounts) and is enjoying her “rest time”. She does a little cardio each week (much less than what I’m doing) and has resumed training with weights but quite differently to what we did leading up to the comps. She’s eating what she wants but in moderate quantities and if she feels like a bit of crap food, she has it.

I, on the other hand am now well within the weight range I set myself post-comp. It took me an instant to get there and now I’m terrified of gaining more weight. I’m pelting out 2 long cardio sessions and 2 shorter ones each week but I love my runs and am enjoying this part of my training. I’ve just drafted my new weights program and in hindsight its probably a bit gruelling with 4 days of really solid sessions similar to how I trained pre-comp.

Hmmm am I a bit lost? I didn’t think I was but now I’m wondering if my new training and approach to diet (which hasn’t changed much from the pre-comp training) is the right thing at this point in time.


Last night my letterbox had the DVD of the Asia Pacific Championships waiting for me and I had the best trip down memory lane as I watched my divisions. It was my first good look at the line-ups and a chance to compare myself to the other competitors. In one category I agree with my placing and in the other I don’t – not that it matters now but that’s my honest opinion. I was really happy with my upper body and quads but my abs and glutes were sadly lacking.

The one thing that really stood out though was how I constantly smiled or glowed whilst on stage. Its like I was made to be there and this was “my sport”. How can I possibly NOT compete again????

So on that note I’ll happily report that I had a good eating day yesterday and will chalk up another one today. I’m back in a good positive place and I like it. Now if I could just permanently join “the-other-half” I’d be totally happy.

Thank you for comments left after my last post. I have commented on each person's blog individually but forgot to tell Rae that her "Finish Strong" message sent to me in the lead up to the Adelaide comps took a permanent place on the cover of my Training Diary and got me to and through the last few tough weeks. Thanks Rae :-)

Cheers all



LizN said...

Dear Magda,

It's a choice you can make to live there as well. It's a one day at a time scenario of course. One little meal, one good choice and soon it becomes habit.

Liz ;)

Anonymous said...

Magda you're doing great, two days is a huge effort and don't let anyone tell you different. YOU CAN DO THIS! :o) xx

Magda said...

Thanks Liz and Lia,

tonight I felt like I had slipped back into "diet mode" as I was feeling light headed and empty soon after my little dinner. So I checked the pantry and found some SLM protein bars and had 1 with a cup of tea. Woohoo I felt no guilt and I knew I'd stop after that 1 bar instead of eating my way through whatever I could find (which isnt much these days anyway). A small win but a win nevertheless.


Charlotte Orr said...

Yay Magda, you are doing great. Keep it up. Cheers, Charlotte

RaeC said...

You are most welcome Magda, and I am glad it helped.

Don't ever discount the "small wins" as they all add up into one huge victory in the end of training hard, eating well, living healthy and leading a full life to the brim which equals a whole lot of happiness.

As Liz says, it's a day at a time, a meal at a time. Don't look at the big picture. Just get up each day and decide what you can do that day toward leading the healthy life you want and deserve xxx