Friday, November 23, 2007


Since the comps have finished I've tried to eat quite clean during the week and then relax a bit on the weekend. This allowed me to keep my weight under check but then enjoy some "indulgences" so that I had some balance in my life/eating.

Well this last week has just been totaly off the rails and I feel fat, bloated and blaaaaah. So my plan is to do a mini detox over the next 3 days. I've chosen to start it tomorrow as its not a work day and some of my biggest challenges/issues have arisen from work this week. (This in itself coud be a long winded post but the less said the better). So here's my plan for Saturday:

1. Upon rising have 400ml hot lemon drink (approx 1T of fresh lemon juice + warm water) I actually do this every day and I love it.
2. Follow up with WPI shake before weight training (legs/shoulders/bis)
3. 30 minutes cardio either straight after weights or in the afternoon depending on how family stuff pans out.
4. PWO will be a WPI shake + apple.
5. Meals all 100% clean with NO processed food/no alcohol/no diet soft drinks or anything else remotely crappy. So its lean protein + salad/veg + good fats. Eating only when hungry!!!
6. Water intake target = 5-6 litres (with fresh lime slices).
7. Extra doses of fibre supps to move things along :-)

This is not a traditional detox but I know that after 3 days of eating 100% clean I'll just feel 100% great.

We have future BIL coming over for a BBQ tomorrow (SIL is visiting friends in Sydney) and the menu is suitably clean and healthy and I'll leave the boys to hoe into the beers and wine. I may even sneak off for an early night.

So thats my plan to get things back on track. After a successful Saturday (which I just know it will be because I've made up my mind about it) I then repeat this on Sunday and Monday with just a slight modification to the training.

Looking forward to feeling a whole lot better in a few days time.

Cheers all



Hilary said...

Sounds like a plan Magda!! Hope the mini-detox is going well and you're starting to feel fabulous again. I hate that yukky bloated feeling after having a few indulgences.

Hilary xx

Anonymous said...

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